Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boden: Glamour Appearance.

Hi, all. Happy Mardi Gras! I am spending the day home, recovering. (Because of my wild, wild, wild night out last night.) Yeah, right. If you can call this a wild, wild, wild night:

Me: I am dying here. I can barely breathe, I ache everywhere, I can't talk above a hoarse-y whisper, I can't sleep, and my husband has decided you all had better do something because he can take my whining any longer.

Dr.: Well, see, you're pregnant, so you really are very limited in what is going to help you.

Me: (Almost in tears.) Um, well, I tried both Tylenol and a decongestant and while they sort of helped, it didn't do as much as I hoped.

Dr.: And based on my new knowledge of your use of a decongestant, it is no wonder your heart rate and blood pressure is elevated. So now you need to give that one up, too.

Me: (Inward SCREAM of OMG NO!) Well, okay, that makes sense...

Dr.: Good, I am glad you came in, even if that is all we can do for you today.

Me: (Dying slowly on the inside but baring as brave a face as possible...) Well, when I had this same exact thing as this when I was pregnant with my daughter, the other urgent care gave me some antibiotics, and within a couple of hours of using it, I was feeling a whole lot better.

Dr.: Oh, well, okay, then, let me go see what they have for pregnant women...

Me: (Thanking the Lord that my grasping at straws worked.) Okay, thanks! Smile!

I did get a very mild antibiotic, and well, whadyaknow? It is working. I still have a whisper voice instead of a real voice, but none of you all care about that, I am sure. :) I am super grateful that there are a few items in the pharmacy that those of us with baby can take. So while I may not spend Mardi Gras in any sort of real party mood, know that I am starting Lent off in the right frame of mind...thanking God!

Onto the real meat of today's post...

In the February issue of Glamour, there was a brief appearance of a Boden dress...which almost never happens. I will catch an item here or there, but it is usually relegated to the back pages of People Style or some such...but this month, the dress was in the middle of the magazine as part of a feature on prints (no surprise there)!

Mentioned in the very first row of dresses, the Flower Burst Shift, is part of the "If you're into graphic prints" section.  I would say that this pattern is for sure a graphic pattern as it is a repeated and structural...that said, it has the floral feel unlike the other three.

I am clearly a fan of printed fabrics, and I kind of fell in love with a lot of these dresses mentioned.  I also found the advice to be helpful, especially if you tend towards solid pieces in your wardrobe, and this is your first foray into this type of clothing.  This "trend" of printed dresses technically never goes out of style (Milly wouldn't exist if it did, lol), but I gather all the designers had presented pieces like this in the spring 2012 runway shows, so it became a "trend."  (I just made a side eye, fwiw.)

Anyhow, have any of you tried this dress?  It is certainly a beauty, and fairly restrained for Boden.  I do like that is made from heavy, textured cotton fabric that will wear well, especially if you have an office job.  Unfortunately it does not come in petites, but it does have longs for the taller ladies.

Flower Burst Shift
Flower Burst Shift. The brown colorway is proving to be the most popular (many sizes are in deep backorder), but that was the color featured in Glamour. It also comes in a blue/green and red/grey colorway.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. This skirt also has the this pattern in the brown flowerburst and the blue flowerburst. I cannot recommend this skirt without first reminding you of the fit issues on this skirt. Check out my review #1 of this skirt and review #2 (which has the correct size for me).

For those of you on a mobile device, I am attaching a link that will get you 15% off and free shipping and returns (regular computer users, you can use my sidebar link):
Save 15% at Bodenusa.com with Free Delivery and Returns!

Later today I will be doing another post in my series of "If It Came Back Today."  And later this week, once I have taken photos, I will do another Boden appearance, this time in Marie Claire (March 2012).

Have a great day.  :)  And remember, Urgent Care can be your friend.  Grasp at straws, though, especially if you are pregnant.