Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Outerwear Explosion!

Hi, all!  First I want to thank everyone who has seen my most recent post and had great ideas and comments regarding my new hairstyle.  I appreciate all the advice, and do plan on visiting my hairdresser every couple of weeks to have her trim just the bangs!!!  :)  I will be commenting back over at that post in the next couple of days (when I find some time...lots of things going on in our household right now).

Tonight's BWRR has a special emphasis on outerwear, but there are far more reviews than just that.  So enjoy!

Reminder...if you would like to see an item on me or my kids closer up, please click on the photo which will bring up a larger version of the photo (or right click the image to open in a new tab)...if you would like to see an item on another blogger, please click on the link to that blog's post...if you would like to see an item at Boden to see colors, sizing, measurements, etc., click on the stock photo of that item.

Right now, there is a promo going on at Boden for all orders placed on their USA website...they are giving away ten free orders each day, and all you need to do is visit the site and place an order to be entered for a chance to get the order for free.  My affiliate did provide me a direct link, so I will put that info and how to get an additional 15% off (with free ship and returns) at the bottom of this post.  If you are on a regular computer, you can go to my sidebar where the info on how to enter and a link are provided.

Boden for Women:
Spring Trench.  Size Petite 6.  I ordered this one far too late to receive the Regular 6.  There is only one con to buying the petite version, and in my world, it is the world's tiniest con ever, so I don't care.  :)

The regular 6 and all the other regular versions QUICKLY sold out within one week of the appearance of the trench coat on the web site.  The other colors were popular, but not the way this one was.  (I get it, btw, this yellow is manifique!  It reminds me of the color of the Sybil Coat I own in burnished yellow.)

The difference between the petite and the regular is as follows...the sleeves are two inches shorter (which is the only con for me, btw, I have long monkey arms)...and the length of the coat is three inches shorter.  The length is neither here nor there for me.  I have a traditional, long, beige trench from J. Crew (the Icon trench) and that suits my needs for the yucky, rainy weather we get here in the spring and fall, and is fab for wearing when I have a dress on (it covers the entire length of the dress usually), but I do like having such a BRIGHT, fab shorter version to turn to when those rainy, yucky, cool days are on the offer.  (Today was one such day.  Blegh.)

Clearly unable to tie and button the trench properly now, so I carefully took the belt, straightened it out and tied it in a very precise knot in the back.  This allows the trench to have shape from the back and the front.  I do look forward to tying and belting it though.  ;)

The coat is double-breasted and has normal sized buttons (not even the big fun buttons Boden is known for) and perfectly placed pockets.  This was another way I knew the petite version was fine, the pockets were neither too high or low for me.  I do have a short torso (measuring around 15.5 inches from shoulder to high hip--this is my back measurement, fwiw), so this helps keep the coat in proportion on my body.

If I had bought and received the regular version, the belt would likely be lower (as would the pockets), but the main difference would be that the length would be three inches longer, hitting one or two inches above my knee, instead of mid-thigh.

It is lined in a pretty purple dotted cotton lining and the sleeves are poly-lined for ease of getting on.

The trench's outer cotton fabric is treated to be water-repellant by Teflon.  It works!  :)

Spring Trench
Spring Trench Coat.  Yellow is completely, utterly sold out (even petites).  However, always, always watch for popbacks.  The other colorways are all available, but there are sizes left in each that are 100% still in stock.

Valentine Dress
Valentine Dress.  Lolcatgirl provided us with a written review of one of the dresses I was looking at for possible future purchase, this pretty, feminine frock with unusual sleeves. She says of this dress: I loved the grey trim on the Valentine but the cap sleeves were weird. They weren't full sleeves but more like wings. I found jersey of the Uptown dress more comfortable than the Valentine which is stretch cotton and then there's the price difference $54 vs $110 (after to 20% discount). (Her review of the uptown jersey dress is at the bottom of this post, in the Clearance Boden for Women review section).

Boden Maternity:
Special Day Tunic. I did a review of this tunic back when, but I wore it out today (dance class with CW).  The original review was done at 24 weeks, and I am currently 33 weeks, so I have clearly grown.  The tunic has grown nicely with me.  I also have plenty of room for the next 7 weeks, so you may see this one pop up again on the roundup.  :)   This is a size 6.  Only thing that I am noticing is that the bust is kind of large on me...but that is the way it is with all maternity shirts.  I won't go into why I have this issue, but let's just say it annoys me. 

Special Day Tunic (click on the name of this item to go to the item page at Boden, the photo link not working). The yellow colorway is all gone (except the largest size). The other colors are well stocked.  BTW, the way this model is fitting this tunic is awesome...this is the way the tunic should fit through the bust and belly.  If you are smaller on top and do not "grow girls" during pregnancy, do size down.  Trust me.

Clearance Boden for Women:
Canterbury Tunic
Canterbury Tunic.  Doesn't Poppy's Style look pretty in her ensemble for going out for the day?

Straightleg Wool Crops
Straightleg Wool Crops.  Poppy's Style wore these out for a trip to Trader Joe's.  I guarantee she had the nicest outfit on at Trader Joe's.  :)

Lolcatgirl (love that name, btw) wrote several reviews in the comment section of my last BWRR! Thank you so much! The ones she did are below:
Shimmering Broderie Skirt
Shimmering Broderie Skirt in Silver Metallic (avail. in 6, 8, 10), $29.00. Dina has already reviewed on her website. I like the silver color. It's a warm silver if that makes any sense.

Bella Jumper
Bella Jumper in Silver Melange (avail. in most sizes in the Rosy (PNK), very limited in other colors),$46.00. I like the unique sleeves. TTS.

Chic Merino Cardigan
Chic Merino Cardigan in Black, $81.00. My review is on the Boden website (found it!) says: Looks great over dresses and skirts. Also works with jeans.  The shape is fitted. There is a ribbon band on the empire waist. The bust measurement they give is pretty close to the band measurement.  It's a little long for someone who's petite. I would love if they offered this in petite but it still works.  I like the little buttons. I've ordered a similar long cardigan from Boden before and the buttons were comically large..

Uptown Jersey Dress
Uptown Jersey Dress in Black in 6 Petite. I ordered this dress because it's very similar to the Valentine Dress which I sent back. I'll be styling it like the Valentine outfit. I ordered some double buckle stretch belts from Lands End Canvas to try with it. (Valentine Dress review is at the top of this post, under my review of the spring trench.)

Mini Boden:
Jersey Lined Anorak (same name for both boys and girls).  CW and Rex have now worn these jackets many times since we received them over a month ago.  I have a hard time keeping up with their growth spurts!  Their last rain jackets were purchased when Rex was three and CW was 18 months.  Let's just say these jackets were long overdue.  I did size up for both of them, CW to the 4-5 size and Rex to the 5-6 size.  They are a tad big, but they will be able to wear these for the next two-three years, so thank goodness.

The jersey lining is super soft and in a fun contrast color to the outer fabric.  The zip is sturdy and there is even a zip "cover" at the top of the zipper to keep the weather from dripping through the zip itself.  The hood covers well, and the end of the sleeves include the knit jersey cuff for warmth.

CW and Rex love the color they received, CW especially with the pink pears.

As you can see from the photo, the rain is actually repelled by the fabric (leave it to a British company to "get" rainwear), so I give these two jackets FIVE STARS.  Very much worth every penny spent. 

Jersey Lined Anorak
Jersey Lined Anorak. This photo will take you to the girls item page. CW has the pear printed version of this jacket.

Jersey Lined Anorak
Jersey Lined Anorak. This photo will take you to the boys page. Rex's version is navy and the lining is a striped green/white fabric. :)

Okay, that's all for tonight.  Thanks for reading!  :)

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Good Luck!