Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Game Was Worth the Change of Clothing...

Hey, all...before I begin, if you are fan of Boden, I want to let you know that the Boden outerwear sale that I posted about on Friday is set to expire tonight at 11:59 pm, so if you were interested in a piece or two, know that this sale is fairly short-lived.

Okay, onto the subject of the post...

Yesterday I braved my burgeoning sinus infection (yay for twenty day colds!) to go out to George Mason's final home game (men's basketball, but of course).  I had picked out my version of team spirit wear (the colors are green and gold) that I could also wear over my Gus belly, but upon arriving, all four of us were "gifted" HUGE men's tee shirts that we were expected to wear whilst at the game.  Laughingly the only person the large male tee shirt fit well was yours truly.  It was an exact right fit!  Yay beer, er, I mean baby belly.

I started off with the cardigan and the top as there is no better version of "gold" than this J. Crew cardigan from 2008 and this tee from Liz Lange Maternity.

I also added a pair of the heirloom flora earrings and gardenia bracelet for flair.

The bottom half was neither here nor there, but these Duo maternity cords and J. Crew suede flats fit the outfit fine without being offensive (yeah, that's me, offensive).  LOL.

But because I am a sucker for school pride, I totally gave into the madness and put this oh so flattering tee on instead.  I even put the beautiful merino wave print cardigan in my purse, worn for a grand total of an hour.  (Don't worry, I will wear it again soon...what a great match it is for my maternity tee!)

I think all four of us have plans to wear the tee as nightshirts.  Yeah, baby.  Nightshirts.  Living on the edge here in Northern Virginia. :)

By the way, we won the game.  Go MASON!

Worn for One Hour.

Above is the polyvore of the original outfit.  I don't believe the lovely gifted tee will be clipped at any point by me for my polyvore account.

How far have you gone for school spirit?  Worn a color that looks terrible on you?  Dressed as a mascot?  Done yourself up as a teletubbie (no joke, there was one in the crowd yesterday)?

Talk later.  My U.S. friends, enjoy your President's Day Holiday if you have it off!