Friday, February 17, 2012

Boden: Weather Beaters??? 25% Off Selected Outerwear from Boden!

Want the Leather Biker for 25% off?  This post has the info on the deal-ee-oh, if interested!
UPDATE #2 (4:00 pm): Just saw that Boden has its Summer 2012 Preview up.  Wow.  This is quite a day in Boden land.  Ha.  Anyhow, for those of you (me included) who want to check it out, go here (use code PRUS in the shopping bag at that site for 20% off and free ship/returns)! (I will likely do a post tomorrow morning.)

UPDATE: Just received a DIRECT link to the sale from my affiliate program. :) It will be below this paragraph, but I will also place it in my sidebar. DEFINITELY READ THE POST, THOUGH! There are some restrictions to this sale, and it benefits you to know them before you shop!
Save 25% on selected outerwear products at Shop Now!

Great news if you are in the market for outerwear this spring. Boden has a promo out right now to receive an additional 25% off select outerwear for women, men, children, and teens.

(P.S. No word yet on the Boden Preview for Summer 2012, but the moment I hear or read about it, I will let you know!) See update #2 (above) for more info on that!

To receive the additional 25% off click on any of the stock photo links to the outerwear (provided below) and then put the code WOW2 in the shopping bag page when done. Please note that any additional % off codes you may have (like the one running in my sidebar) CANNOT be used in conjunction with the 25% off. So if you want to get additional items that are not part of this outerwear promo, please do your shopping for the additional items separately so you can get the extra % off on the non-outerwear items.

Not all outerwear is on sale, but the ones that are seem to be great choices for a lot of lifestyles. If I have a link to a review, I will let you know by including that link after the item.

Uplifting Mac
Uplifting Mac. This year's version looks similar to the one I bought last year, I did a review of that one here.

Waxed Biker
Waxed Biker. Looks an awful lot like J. Crew's downtown field jacket.

Quilted Jacket
Quilted Jacket. Poppy's Style did a review of this one (written) at this post.

Pea Coat
Pea Coat. Very traditional, classic, and apparently can be worn with shorts. ;)

Leather Biker
Leather Biker. Definitely the highest priced of all the items in the promo, but if this is on your radar, the extra 25% off makes it a much more palatable price.

Crochet Button Cardigan
Crochet Button Cardigan. If you work in a cold office, I could see this being your go-to when the AC gets too strong.

Cosmopolitan Cardigan
Cosmopolitan Cardigan. Reminds me of the above cardi, just shorter.

Original Mac
Original Mac. If you are in the market for your man, this looks like a winner.

Harrington Jacket
Harrington Jacket. Not only is the male model adorable, I love this jacket on him.

Snowboard Jacket
Snowboard Jacket. If your winter isn't done (I think ours is), this is a good call for your little guy.

Padded Gilet
Padded Gilet. If your winter is done, or nearing it, this is a good option for chilly mornings.

Padded Jacket
Padded Jacket. Another padded option for the boys.

Quilted Jacket
Quilted Jacket. Just like mom's, but boy sized. :)

Jersey Lined Anorak
Jersey Lined Anorak. Rex did a "review" of this one here (bottom of post).

Lined Teddy Zip Through
Lined Teddy Zip Through. This looks as cozy as wearing your favorite soft stuffed animal. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? LOL.

Jersey Lined Anorak
Jersey Lined Anorak. CW did a "review" of hers here (bottom of post).

Reversible Teddy Zip Throu
Reversible Teddy Zip Through. Love the pattern on the one in the stock photo.

Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket. Cute, cute, cute!

Teddy Button-through
Teddy Button-Though. What do you all think? I might bite for just this one, Gus would look pretty darling in it!

Gilet. Teen boy at home? This is a good option for what must be the hardest age group to dress.

Waxed Jacket
Waxed Jacket. This is a great choice if you live in a rainy area.

Waxed Lined Jacket
Waxed Lined Jacket. This is a teen girl option on promo, but if you wear a size US 0-10 in women's wear, you could look at this one, as well.

Okay, that's it! Remember, click through the stock receive the additional 25% off and free ship and returns, put the code WOW2 in the shopping bag page (the box that says promo code).

Anyone have any thoughts on this promo or any of the choices?