Friday, February 3, 2012

National Wear Red Day! Two OOTD Special!

Background to this post:  I was diagnosed with having a PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) during investigations by my neurologist into my debilitating migraines.  Turns out that the most debilitating were not migraines but mini-strokes, caused by what she believed was a hole in my heart.  You can read more about this in this post.  I have since had that hole repaired, and have been on the mend for well over a year now.

I never even really thought about heart health other than being occasionally worried about high blood pressure (which does run in my family).  Having an actual "OMG, I have to fix my heart" occurrence in my own health history thrust upon me a real desire to put the word out there that women need to pay attention to their hearts more than they might realize.  For years and years, the focus on heart health was on men because they were the ones dying of massive heart attacks and strokes, and while women definitely were passing because of their hearts, supposedly the heart attacks and strokes were just not "massive" enough for anyone to really worry about it.

Yeah, they knew they were wrong, and have since changed course.  EVERYONE needs to worry about their tickers.  Although the chance of any one person having a problem with their heart is small, there is still things you can do to keep your own heart in good health.  Go to the doctor, get exercise, check your blood pressure, relax, eat well, and even if you don't think there is anything wrong with you, if you feel off, GET IT CHECKED OUT.  It actually took one of you (a blog friend) to convince me that a neurologist appointment was necessary.  And for that I am ever ever grateful.  And so is my heart.  ;)

I almost forgot that today was National Wear Red Day until a blog I read, Pumps and Gloss, published a post on it.  Upon realizing it was Wear Red day, I smacked my head because guess what I wore yesterday?  Yep, the new J. Crew Heart Throb Boy Shirt.  Wouldn't that have been utterly perfect for today?  Oh, well, at least it was in February (whole month is devoted to heart health, so I think I will wear red in some form each day).

I made up for it by wearing something red to dinner tonight, as did CW.  You will see those at the end of the post.

But first, let's start with the Heart Throb Boy Shirt outfit:
Went on the preschool run in this outfit.  Very comfortable, exactly what I needed (I have been feeling under the weather, I may have a cold--red nose, does that count towards "wear red?").  It was nice and warm, so no jacket necessary. 

Top: J. Crew Silk Boy Shirt in Heart Throb, Size 4, worn open.  Silk and spandex is a lovely combo, soft and wrinkle free.  Some may not like the texture, but I am a fan.
Tank: Liz Lange for Target.
Leggings: J. Crew Essential Leggings.
Shoes: Cole Haan.
Necklace: Fenton Fallon for J. Crew.

Really like the shirt opened, could show off my necklace that way.  :)

The sunglasses are from Target.

This shows the print nicely, plus the colors are accurate here.

Please do ignore my clutter on my countertops.  I swear on a stack of bibles that some of it is Mr. Dina's "action figure" collection (seriously!) and the other bits are the detritus from simply existing in a household of small children who eat more food than any other people I have ever met.  I ASSURE you that I am not trolling ebay so much that I am unable to clean.  The counters get cleaned, but honestly, if you all are noticing that and not anything else, well, huh...  Yeah, no words.  (FWIW, Ebay trolling is my Saturday morning activity.  I know, kinda lame, but we each have our thing.)

Heart Throb and Heart Health (Wear Red)!

The above polyvore shows off the outfit in its pieces.

And tonight's "wear red:"
Jacket: J. Crew Tuxedo Jacket.
Sweater: Liz Lange for Target.
Necklace: Tiffany's Paloma Picasso Open Heart Necklace.  Mr. Dina gave this to me as a wedding present, ten whole years ago. :)  Seemed appropriate to wear the heart necklace tonight.

Leggings: Madewell Convertible.  I have so much love for stretchy pants now.  I have so much pain in my legs and hips that these pants make dressing so much easier.  
Shoes: J. Crew Classic Ballet Flats.

If this outfit looks familiar, it is.  I wore it a few weeks ago.  I was too tired today to really put a whole bunch of thought into my outfit.  The jacket felt like an epiphany, which is kinda sad.  LOL.

But girlfriend really brought it.  CW is wearing a Muno dress, tiger stripe leggings, pink socks, and a pair of Circo (Target) shoes.

That's it.  Keep those hearts beating.  :)