Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Tunic Time.

Okay, not just tunics this week, but there are at least two. :)

I am running nearly on empty, but I have enough energy to put out this week's review roundup.  I think I will be able to catch up on my energy this night and tomorrow, could daily posting be back on my schedule again?  I do have two magazine sighting of Boden to share with you soon, so be on the lookout for that if you are one of this blog's Boden babes.

Okay, it's simple...if you would like to see an item closer on me or my kids, please do open the photo to enlarge it (right click on the mouse to open in a new tab for an even bigger view)...if you would like to see an item on a blog friend, do click on the link back to their blog...if you would like to see the item and its availability, sizing, measurements, and other colors, click on the stock photo from Boden to go straight to that item page.

At the very bottom of this post I have a link to Boden that will enable you to receive an additional 15% off and free shipping and returns.  If you can't wait, there is a link to that at the sidebar, too.  :)

Okay, onto the roundup!

Regular Boden for Women:
Border Print Tunic. I am wearing the size US 6 here.  This tunic is more like a dress, and after Gus comes, I anticipate the length will hit closer to an inch or so above my knee.

The stretchy material is amazing, much like last year's terazzo tunic, so if you own that and love it, you will love the border print tunic.  I chose to purchase the same size as in the terazzo tunic, and it fits exactly the same, maybe a titch smaller in the bust, but nothing that makes me think anyone needs to size up.

There has been much discussion that the grey version had too much color in the floral bits, and yes, it is different than what you see on-line (bad Boden!)...that said, I like the peachy-yellow coloring to the middle of the florals, so it was a win-win for me.

I was out and about for the day, celebrating my hubby's birthday on Saturday.  It is nice to have an outfit that looks decent enough and that is comfortable, too.

The other pieces are: Scarf, Target; Leggings, J. Crew; Shoes, J. Crew Collection; Headband, J. Crew.

Border Print Tunic
Border Print Tunic. All the sizes seem to be available. :)

Quilted Jacket
Quilted Jacket. Poppy's Style got stuck outside during jury duty and this coat helped keep her nice and toasty. Check out her (short and sweet written) review here.

Leggings. Poppy's Style wore these with a Fall 2011 tunic. I have recently purchased the maternity leggings and I really like those, so I think future leggings purchases I make may be from Boden. :)

Strappy Wedges
Strappy Wedges. A big thank you to Mary G, who last week left a written review at my Boden Weekly Review Roundup for these sandals: These shoes are a great alternative to the (sadly) standard 3-inch and higher heeled sandals and wedges that dominate most shoe selections. The strappiness makes them a little dressier than expected and I like how they look with knit dresses and print skirts as well as capris. Not for a formal cocktail party, but great for informal summer parties.  I held off giving shoes five stars only because it's too cold to wear them for any length of time to judge comfort. I'm guessing they'll fine.

Clearance Boden for Women:
Wedge Stretch Boots
Wedge Stretch Boots. Poppy's Style wore these lovely, versatile boots with a knitted tunic from last year. Love the whole ensemble!

Colourblock Tunic
Colourblock Tunic. This has been a hit or miss item for many women, but Poppy's Style truly rocks it!

Boden Maternity:
Crossover Tunic
Crossover Tunic. I wore last year's version recently (second outfit in post) and since the concept is the same, it may benefit you to see it on me if you are in the market for this particular item.

Mini Boden:
Jersey Applique Dress (CW) and Vehicle Applique T-Shirt (Rex).

The dress is one of our last gasps in the baby line.  However...based on the sizing from this year, she may be able to wear the line one more season.  In other words, this dress runs large.  She is in the 3-4 year size and the length and sleeves were long as well as the waist being pretty large.  It shrank a bit in the wash and dry, but the overall dress was still bigger than she is.

The t-shirt was a Rex choice, and the bright blue is a WONDERFUL color for him.  He has worn it a few times already and is a fan of the graphic on the front.  Mini Boden is my absolute favorite brand for little boys.  Hands down, NO ONE does little boy clothing better.  In a world of camo print, orange, green, and brown, it is a relief to know that somewhere is the exact right amount of whimsy, color, and sass for our little guys.  (And no Little Lord Fauntleroy, either.  Thank goodness.)  His tee is a size 5-6, one size bigger than he "is," but since he is a big boy, it fits just fine, even if a touch too long.

Jersey Applique Dress
Jersey Applique Dress (baby Boden). The version CW and the baby model are wearing is on backorder for 8 weeks.

Vehicle Applique T-shirt
Vehicle Applique Dress. Almost all colors/sizes are available. :)

For those of you on a mobile device, below is the link to access 15% off and free ship and returns. It will take you to the mini Boden main page, but all items (except clearance) will receive 15% off, not just mini items.
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Have a great night, all!!! :)