Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coral Bella and Merona Maternity OOTD.

Can I just throw out my love for J. Crew jackets?  It is so nice to have something to wear that can complete and outfit...even if I can't button it up

I recently received this Merona Maternity Dress in the mail and I am so in love with the pattern (it has a pretty mix of olive, brown, coral, grey, and cream in a subtle animal print) that I knew I wanted to wear it as soon as possible.  Yesterday it was a touch warm, but not warm enough to go without a coat and leg coverings, so I had to improvise with my non-maternity pieces to make the ensemble work.

Jacket: J. Crew Factory Bella Jacket, Coral, Size 4.  I found this shade of pinky red to be the exact right shade for the coral tones in the print on the dress.
Dress: Merona Maternity (Target) Short Sleeve Elevated Scallop Dress.  This also comes in a non-maternity.  This is the extra-small, so size for your bust and shoulder line.  The belly/skirt area has plenty of room for even the biggest of bellies.
Tights: Assets, Brown, Size 3.  I only own one pair of maternity tights.  In general, regular tights are stretchy enough for my belly, although I will admit to having to tug the tights WAY high to keep them on.
Shoes: Naturalizer.  I wear these constantly in the winter.  Best $40 or so I spent three years ago.
Earrings: J. Crew Acorn Fireball Earrings.  Same color as the bella.  

I always style my hair in a ponytail when I wear my Bella...the collar looks silly on me if I wear my hair down.

Close up of the print/placket/empire waist of the dress.  The waist is elastic, so this is a really comfy style.  The fabric is a cotton, soft and nicer than you would expect for the cost.  The Merona line is wonderful, I am really glad they branched into something for us expecting mommas.

Oh, look at that.  CW and I are at Target.  :)  LOL.  She really wanted to try on those pink sunglasses.

We had dance class yesterday, but after I knew I had to visit Target to make an exchange.  As perfect as we want Target to be (chortle), they sent me the wrong item in a bag marked with the right item info.  Sigh.  Fortunately this Target had the right item, so I did a direct exchange, wish I could say it was an easy exchange, but well, you know...let's just say I pulled out my super parental power of patience to deal with the frustration. 

One of the sales ladies noticed my dress and actually came up to me and said how much she loved it on me.  I explained that the one they have in the store was not the one I was wearing (lol, definitely would not fit now), but definitely encouraged her to let other pregnant ladies know that this dress is available in their sizes on-line.  :)  BTW, if you aren't currently with bebe, you can find the regular size version here.

Coral Bella and Pretty Pattern!

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.

Alrighty, that's it!  You all have a great afternoon.  :)

P.S. Boden fans...I heard through the grapevine the summer 2012 preview should be up tomorrow morning...if it is up, I will definitely do a post on the offerings!