Sunday, February 5, 2012

J. Crew: If It Came Back Today, Would Heidi Klum Wear It?

Based on the popularity of my first post of this kind, I am definitely fueled up to do more! Thanks for the positive responses.

Today is a special "would Heidi Klum still wear it" edition.  Ha.  The current host of Project Runway known for her impeccable (if a bit show-offy) style--she loves showing off her legs, that's for sure--once upon a time was the ultimate catalog model, including for J. Crew.

I have an issue of the J. Crew catalog from Summer 1998 and she is all over the catalog wearing some very plain, boring, and muted pieces.  YAWN!  I remember this catalog from when it was actually issued (not just because I looked at it this morning)  and even had some of the pieces from it (which I am choosing to show off at another post, when I have a bit more time on my side)...but back then I just remember thinking, "hey, I just got out of college, I have no money, these pieces can be mixed and matched PERFECTLY for the most awesome capsule wardrobe ever."  LOL.  Oh, well.  At least I picked pieces that were cotton and linen instead of polyester, right?  :)

BTW, before we start, take a look at Heidi Klum in 2008 (ten years post this catalog), looking every inch of her fierce, fierce, fierce.  Das ist sehr gut, Heidi!  ;)

And now look at sweet, young, fresh-faced Heidi Klum in an outfit so boring, even the bared stomach looks kind of bland.  I kid, of course.  She looks great, DESPITE the outfit, and I look at her tummy with undisguised awe (note: do not look at trim, darling bellies of supermodels whilst 33 weeks pregnant).

IN GERMAN, everyone now: "Das ist sehr langweilig, Heidi."

Are you interested in wearing that outfit?  The prices are fairly decent...but good luck finding it in a color brighter than light kiwi green.

Oh, my, I have saved the "best" for last.  Now, don't get me wrong, cotton pique fabric is wonderful, it is perfection in hot and humid summers, but wow...she definitely looks like she escaped from a Miami senior living community here.  Seriously, her name could be Mildred and all the guys named Don and Albert are interested in taking her out for a rocking game of bridge.

Umm, before I go to far...I did have an outfit almost identical to this.  It was a definite style of the period, so if you were just a babe (or youngin') in 1998, J. Crew was putting out pieces that people wore, senior home look or not.  It is just hard to marry the company that created this look to the one you see on Ms. Klum above.

I do not currently own the pieces that I owned that resembled this outfit.  They were given to Goodwill, years ago.  I really hope that the person who bought the pieces split the items up and made the outfits a teeny bit more edgy than the "wholesome" look you see above.  Heck, even a nice graphic tee would help dress those pants up.

Now for the surprise.  The cover is really darling, and I daresay the outfit the girl is wearing is still in style.  Not fashion forward or special in any way, but cute for the beach or golfing or taking a walk in the park.  Her outfit is pure classic preppy.  The man's style is a bit dated, especially with the HUGE plaid shirt, but he still looks cute in it!

(And since Mr. Dina has only recently started wearing shirts that actually touch his torso, I have to give men everywhere a pass...many years of style passed with men wearing shirts far too large for them.)

Now I know Ms. Klum isn't coming anywhere near this blog, so I ask you instead..."if it came back today, would you wear any of these looks?"