Monday, March 19, 2012

Boden: Marie Claire and Woman's Day Appearances.

Well it does seem that Boden has been infiltrating the US magazine world, much more so than I ever remember seeing in the past.  I know that in the UK, Boden is all over their mags and newspapers, so I expected that this would happen, and now that it has, I really look forward to keeping these "appearances" up.  :)

I have switched my Marie Claire reading to my Kindle Fire, so I will never buy a "real" Marie Claire ever again, but I still have to figure out how to photograph the kindle so it turns out better.  I do see the "real" thing at my hubby's barber shop, but I can't guarantee that I will have enough memory to be all, "ooh, let's photograph that image RIGHT NOW so I have a better photo for my blog."  I'll figure it out, eventually.  :)

This is from the "Most Wanted: Under $100" feature which this month featured beautiful lady-like pieces, concentrating on florals, including the #11 choice which is the Vintage Swimsuit in Navy Bloom by Boden. 

It is currently on 20-25% off all swimwear promo (along with women's dresses), which expires tonight at 11:59 pm (I really wish I could have published this post earlier for you all, but we had many many errands to run this weekend and today).  So instead of being $78, it is currently $58.50.  If you want free shipping as well, click on my 15% off coupon link in the sidebar (or at the bottom of this post) to receive the free ship and returns (but no additional discount will be taken, shoot).

This is the cover of the Marie Claire from March 2012, which is where the swimsuit appears.  Eva Mendes looks HOT!

I don't read Woman's Day, BUT the doctor's office (Rex had his 5-year checkup today, he's big, you all!) had this issue in the room. 

I LOVE the outfits on this page, and think they are very wearable and cute.  Maybe not especially fashion forward, but this is Woman's Day we are talking about.  :)

Anyhow, the top in the left hand outfit is Boden's Ravello Top in Navy Feather.  Sadly it is all sold out in the clearance section, but you can watch for popbacks.  The top is available in the multi abstract print, but it is a very different print.  That said, the shape looks fab with that shape skirt, so if you have a similar skirt that needs a statement top, this could be your gal.

The Ravello top is a popular style, and I have seen it multiple years in a row.  Not this spring season, but I am sure it will be back in the fall.

Valerie Dishes!  Holla!  :)  This is the Woman's Day from January 2012.

Vintage Swimsuit
Vintage Swimsuit.  Read the reviews, and while those with "smaller ladies" seem in love, there are many warnings about it being a bit (cough, cough) inappropriate for those more "well-endowed."  The prints are precious, so if you can rock it, this may be the perfect swimsuit for your summer.

Ravello Top
Ravello Top.  I love that navy feather print.  Very pretty!  (Come on, popback!)

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Alright!  You all have a great night.  I believe Boden will roll out another "temptation" tomorrow, so I will make sure to update the blog with that info when I get a moment.  (And if the whole ENTIRE day goes and I haven't, well...don't assume anything...but you could let your mind wander.  LOL.)