Friday, March 2, 2012

Boden: Summer 2012 Preview Picks.

Yeah, you all.  ;)

I meant to get these to you yesterday, but time, like my kids, is squirrelly and wriggles from my grasp quicker than you can say Johnnie Boden.

On the plus side, I know when I am scheduled to have Gus (saw the dr. yesterday amongst other things), but on the negative side, well, my IRL is always going to take first place to my Cyber-Life, so this post got pushed back.

I really want to read your picks as well, so make sure you comment with your choices.

Reminder: The Boden Summer Preview 20% off with free ship and returns expires on Monday, March 5, 2012, at around 11:59 pm.  Last preview, though, I vaguely remember the promo shutting down early (which I hope they don't do this time, that sounded frustrating for those who waited until the last day).

I posted a photo of each item from the preview, and below the photo is a hyperlink to the actual item page at the Summer Preview site.  If you are looking at this post in the far future--it's possible, after all--these links will be dead, so bear that in mind if you come here post mid-April or so.

Boden for Women (and one Johnnie b.):
Towelling Hoody.  Reading the FB page for Boden, I think most adult women are excited by this one product.  They had a version years ago, but didn't resurrect it for the last few years, and the arrival of this is hotly anticipated.

The model kind of makes me chuckle, though...since we don't see if she is playing ball or some such, she looks like she is either trying out for a Broadway musical or praying to Jesus.  Hard to tell.

I like the navy and I love the front pockets.  The version I have is navy, but the pockets are on the side, and badly placed, so it makes my hips look huge.  Yay for getting a new one and selling the old.  Woo!

This mint version is also lovely.  It comes in pink stripe and a bright green floral version.

Skinny Graphic Tee.  This reminds me so much of that Jason Wu one that I had to put it out there for you cat fanatics and/or Wu ladies.  I would order a medium, and I typically wear an extra-small in J. Crew tees, fwiw. 

Alfresco Top.  I have definitely found I leaning away from buying more hotchpotch items from Boden, and Boden is also not producing as many (probably in response to buyers like me), but this is a decent/not as "in your face" version of the more wild interpretations they have had in the past.  I also think the material looks super soft and really does flatter the model.  :)

This is the pewter colorway.  The other colorways are much brighter and a bit more show-offy, but still a bit less than Boden had been known for in their earlier years.

Broderie Skirt.  This pretty skirt is a fan favorite and always shows up in the spring/summer.  Last year's version had major defaults and I believe the entire line was pulled early...

Since many of you are huge fans of J. Crew's "jazzy purple" color, I thought this would be a delightful summer version for those of you who own the wool No. 2 pencil version.

It also comes in navy, white, and mint.

Dandelion Skirt.  I am also leaning away from Boden's fun skirts, unless they are toned down versions of their former selves, and this colorway of the Dandelion skirt is fun-esque, without crazy patterning and mix of colors.

They also have this in a lighter blue shade and a light brown shade, but those are a bit less muted.

Everyday Summer Dress.  Typically I find a handful of dresses to just LOVE every rollout, but maybe it's me, maybe it's Boden, or maybe just a little bit of both, but I wasn't really feeling them this time around.  They are pretty, but yeah, they always are.

This green/yellow dress, though, did catch my eye, and in addition to the subtle leaf/palm print, I adore the slight A-line shape to the skirt.  Very very friendly to postpartum mommas.  ;)

Riviera Shirt Dress.  This is the same one as you can find at the regular Boden site now (Riviera Shirt Dress), with one exception, you can get it in a solid version!  (Which from what I can gather from reading the current reviews, everyone really wants.)  This is the red colorway and there is also a black colorway.  I like the printed blue version (which I do own and look forward to wearing SOON!), but for those of you that are "print-phobes," this may be the answer to your sartorial prayers.  ;)

mini Boden:
Summer Playsuit.  I mentioned that my kids will make out like Boden bandits in a recent post, and this is my number one pick for my darling CW.  We live at the pool during the summer, and I LOVE the fact that I can slip this over her suit and walk to and from the pool (over the stream and far away--build the bridge already!) without worrying about a towel falling off of her or some craziness.

It also comes in a pink floral and a 70s floral version.

Oh, and there is also the fact that I LIVED in playsuits as a young girl, too, so you know, sentiment and such...

Dinosaur Action T-Shirt.  I am getting one for Rex in this blue Brontosaurus/NYC graphic...

and one for CW in this Stegosaurus/Paris graphic...

and, well, of COURSE, Rex (hee) again, the T-Rex/London graphic version.

This may be the one time Mr. Dina is 100% me buying multiples of the same darn thing for the kids.  He is going to squeal as loudly as the kids when he sees these.  (You think I joke?  Man collects freaking action figures--the collection he has puts my clothing collection to shame.)

Towelling Shorts.  These are for when we go to the pool and CW's playsuit is in the wash.  Love the pears, glad they continued the cuteness into the summer (CW has a jacket with the pears).

baby Boden:
Printed Applique Dress.  This is so beautiful, I adore the Liberty-esque feel to this print, and the birdie is darling.  Sadly my girl is almost done with baby Boden, she gets taller and more "kid-like" every day.  But at least we can have one of her last moments as a "baby" be with this precious frock.

Twin Pack Summer Rompers.  Don't worry, you all, I didn't forget Angus.  ;)  He will rock the nautical look with these two play outfits when we go to the pool this summer.  And don't fret, of course I will take photos. 

You all enjoy your night, and definitely remember to comment back with your picks...for you and for the rest of your family.