Monday, March 12, 2012

OOTD: Attempting Dressy.

Even if all I feel like wearing is pjs and sweatpants, I know that in the end if I put effort into my outfit, I will enjoy my day more, so as long as I am out and about, I at least give it a try. (Although I admit to a full on sweatpants/hoodie outfit when I visited urgent care during my nasal infection mess...I am not crazy!)

But...even if I choose not to wear pjs or sweats in public doesn't mean that I won't find the most crazy comfy and soft outfit possible to wear instead. That's my secret for the last three months of pregnancy. As much as I really REALLY want to wear my kick-butt maternity jeans and high heels, I can't bring myself to even attempt it. Oh, and so you know, with CW's pregnancy, I totally started this comfy dressing like really early, sometime around 24 weeks. (I was preggers with her in the summer, though...definitely the worst time to be pregnant...hands down.)

This outfit is insanely comfy.  And yes for that.  :)  It also made me feel slightly stylish, which I need now that a 30 pound basketball has firmly attached itself to my waistline.

Dress: Boden Jersey Maxi Dress. 
Shoes: Madewell Handbook Pump.  I only recommend these heels (or heels like this) in late pregnancy.  The cone shaped heel is substantial and there is a platform making the overall footbed more secure than a stiletto type.

PSA: Do not wear any shoe that hurts, especially if it hurts because of feet swelling, definitely not worth it.  Ballet flats or slight wedges are adorable, and if you have to buy one pair of black flats in a larger size, just for pregnancy, that's okay.  I had to for Rex, but after I gave birth, my feet returned to normal.  *I have not had that swelling since.  They think my swelling with Rex was preeclampsia, which also may have contributed to his early birth and emergency c-section.  So even though swelling is not usually a big deal, don't ignore it, either.*

Purse: J. Crew Mini Patent Campo Bag.
Necklace: J. Crew Mini Orbit Necklace.  It's on sale!  :)
Sunglasses: J. Crew A.R. Trapp.

If you read my Boden Weekly Review Roundup, you already saw this image.  But I do know that a lot of you only come over for ootd posts, so it's not a repeat to you!

I actually kind of like this image.  I didn't realize the self-timer was going to go off that quickly, and it caught me kind of walking, lol.  It does allow you all to see the shape of the Handbook pump.  :)

BTW, this dress is a double layer fabric and super soft.  It is like wearing a nightgown, just a fitted, fancier version of a nightgown you can wear out to lunch with the family (which we were about to do).

Close up of the makeup, hair, necklace, and dress print.  I had fun playing with the colors that day, especially on the eyes (which I rarely put a lot of effort into).  This outfit, fwiw, was from the weekend before last, so I had not yet gotten my bangs trimmed (did that on this last Saturday).

Attempting Dressy. 30 Pound Basketball Notwithstanding.

Polyvore of the outfit is above.

Okay, that's all...I hope you all have a great evening.

P.S. I read over at Boden's facebook page that there will be a big, exciting announcement tomorrow morning.  Most commenters are of the mindset there will be a "catch of the day" or "mid-season" sale, but there are a few who just think a new line will be rolled out.  I personally think it will be a "catch of the day" sort of deal, which in Boden land usually mean 30-35% off of certain items each day.  This is usually a big deal, and so when I figure it out (and get home from my doctor's appointment tomorrow), I will do a blog post on it.  :)  (Or do a blog post on the non-event, if the naysayers are right!)