Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boden: Summer 2012 New Arrivals Are Here...

As of Friday morning, in fact.  I CLEARLY am a bit late to that party.  Eh, what's a nursing mom to do?  (That is my life, btw, nurse, get one thing done, nurse again, do one more thing, nurse, etc., etc.  Baby Angus loves to eat.  All. day. and. night. long.)

Anyhow, my dear hubby is hanging with "Angus me boy" right now and I have a spare twenty minutes or so, and the other two rugrats are sleeping, SO...I thought I would give you a look see at some of the items that I failed to notice in the preview (see this post for my picks from the preview).

Before we begin, though, I have NO good coupons right now.  Sigh.  I have a feeling the affiliate will send something out tomorrow, but until then, I want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to Egyptomaniac for this 20% off code (which you would put on the shopping bag page at Boden)...CG04.  

This dress may have been part of the preview, but I definitely don't remember this model shot.  LOVE this image, the colors, the makeup, the hair, even the crazy print dress.  Perfection for summer. 

Strappy Beach Dress.  At $88 (before the coupon code), this seems like it is on the less expensive end of Boden offerings.  At first I wondered if this was a jersey dress, but it looks like a lightweight cotton.  If this was jersey, I would likely be all over it, but since it isn't a stretchy fabric, I need to wait on reviews before determining if it will work on my shape.

Love this colorway of the Strappy Beach Dress.  This definitely puts me in the mood of jungles, parrots, and mojitos.  Mmm...mojitos.

Knitted Wrap. Okay, so say you are wearing the pretty tropical version of the strappy beach dress at a Caribbean resort at dinner and the sea breeze picks up.  (Dream with me now.)  Wouldn't this wrap just be adorable with that dress?  Yeah, I thought so.

Knitted Wrap
Knitted Wrap. Also comes in this blue, which looks lovely with the all white ensemble beneath.

Jersey Halterneck Dress. I know many of you are big fans of the polka dot pattern, so I saw this and thought of you all.

My favorite view of this dress is actually behind, love the idea of wearing a high ponytail and showing off the tie neck, very pretty.

Jersey Halterneck Dress
Jersey Halterneck Dress. Let's all frolic with the world's happiest model.

Kimono Dress.  This is not especially special, especially (lol, bit much, I know) on this mannequin, but the dress has a very nice shape on the model in the stock photo (see below) that I felt like it could be a dark horse of the Boden summer season, winning over folks who give it a try.  Plus it appears to be office "casual Friday" friendly with the more conservative cut and fabric.

Kimono Dress
Kimono Dress. Love this on this model...even with the over the top print. Very flattering.

French Knot Top. I adore this shade of red.  Plus this is a linen top, so super friendly for the American hot and humid summers.  

Straightleg Crops.  I love the idea of an all linen outfit, so these linen crops in white, with the bright red of the French Knot top is very appealing.  Add a pretty pendant necklace, a hat, a cute bag, and wedge sandals (see next item for my choice), and you are ready to go day or night this summer.

French Knot Top
Straightleg Crops
French Knot Top (first photo) and Straightleg Crops (second photo). Both pieces seem effortless (although wrinkly, love linen, but probably not the best choice if you are OCD about fabric).

Bow Espadrilles.  This is my choice for footwear for this summer.  These will go with all of the items above (minus the first strappy beach dress, wrong color for that one), and at $54.50 ($68 retail minus the 20% promo code), will not put your budget into jeopardy (if these are worn multiple times this summer, the cost per wear will be super low, too).

Bow Espadrilles
Bow Espadrilles. They also come in a striped fabric, a silver metallic, and a navy colorway (navy version would be lovely with the first strappy beach dress, fwiw).

Okay, that's it.  Do any of you all have a favorite (or two or three) from this summer roll out?

P.S. I have seen all the comments over the past week.  You all are the best!  I am currently playing catch up, but be assured I have read them all...and very much appreciate the kind words, advice, and information you have given me.  :)

Talk soon!