Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Angus: Week Photos!

Hello! Baby Angus is officially one week old today! :)

I want to say THANK YOU for all the incredibly sweet and kind comments left at the our announcement post.  I am full of gratitude that so many lovely people swing on by my blog!  You all are the best and I had a lot of smiling/tears of joy in my life after reading them...

We are surviving, but let's just say that I am not exactly in any position to be on the computer much. In fact, when I wrote the last post introducing Gus, I was full of the best painkillers (which is how I got it done). Ha.

Today is very much the first day I have felt up to getting out of bed for more than a few hours, and I thank God for that. I had a few nights of pain (even with the medicine) where I just was all, "can I really make it through the night?" I had those with the other two kids, but your body lets you conveniently forget them so you go on and have more children. Ahhh, instinct and evolution messing with memories.

I am going to keep this short and sweet and show off some of my favorite photos of the family from this week (no ootd photos, well, you know, there may be two from the past week, but for me pjs and soft leggings were on order for the most part).

Gus, still at the hospital, on the last day.  I spent that whole day pretty much chilling with my little man.  It was great.  For a few moments my kids and my dad showed up, but for the majority of the day it was just the two of us.  I think he liked the peace and quiet.  :)

Last day at the hospital, took this shot of my dad, CW, Rex, and Angus.  LOVE this.  So sweet and happy!

Our "going home" photo.  Technically we left about four hours later, but CW, Rex, and Grandpa left a few minutes after this photo was taken.

It was nice leaving the hospital past 8 pm.  Very quiet and serene.  Gus has had few moments of that since arriving home.

Angus and Rex.  Rex is IN LOVE.  He is a great big brother.  All those issues we have had with our big guy in the past year or so have gone by the wayside.  Love that he can focus his energy into being a great big brother.

The three of them.  Two seconds after this shot was taken, Gus bawled his head off.  He was ready for--wait for it--more food from momma.  Anyone surprised?

Taken yesterday.  These blanket sleepers are awesome, keeps them warm but you don't have the worries like you do with actual blankets going over the little baby's heads.

This is darling.  I can't believe I managed to grab this photo!  :)

I did venture out on Friday to go get a refill of my medicine (have to pick it up from the office, controlled substance and all--ooooooooh....) and our first doctor appointment for Gus (he's in fine shape!).  We also stopped at McDonald's for lunch and because of my anemia (more on that in a different post--let's just say I may have needed a couple of units of blood transfused while in the hospital), I HAD to have the Angus burger, natch.  (Although even if I had a clean bill of health, I still would have.  Can't resist, I mean come on!)

This photo is of me with Rex after he was born.  I am a big fan of the putting babies really close to my face and squishing them with all my momma love.  ;)

Squish, squish, squish with all the love and CW. 

Okay, that's it! :)

I hope to be back to fairly regular posting in a few days, but obviously it is as the situation dictates. (Oh, the littlest many needs that directly involve my chest and arms. LOL.)

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Night night!