Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boden: Alfresco Top Styled and a Review.

Hey, all! I am so glad that I found a moment or two to write a post tonight.

I was planning on creating the Boden Weekly Review Roundup, which had I published it tonight, it would have only been one day late, but based on how tired I am (family commitments are wonderful, but definitely wearing me out), I doubt it would happen tonight, so I will say instead, "tomorrow?" :)

Anyhow, if you are a big Boden fan, and you ordered from the Summer Preview, you should have started receiving the items in the mail in the past week or so. Most of what I ordered was for the kids (and they love it all, even Angus gave a "coo"), but there are a few Momma items interspersed. I received the Alfresco top on Monday and immediately tried it on. Like the plait trim top (reviewed here and here), it was love. I knew I would wear it right away, and had my chance yesterday (we had CW's dance class, with me bringing all 3 kids, I needed super comfy, flexible pieces).

Alfresco Top.  Size 6 Petite.  I decided to keep my comments brief, but I added some info about the fit in the photo.

I also added info about the rest of the outfit.

All in all, I felt good, comfortable, and the top's print was pretty enough for me to feel like I had "tried."

From the side...I see the empire waistband hits where it should, and the cap sleeve hits at a decent place on my arm.

I love the fabric, just thick enough and stretchy enough to make my post-baby belly a little smaller looking.  The print helps with that, too.

Had I been super concerned over my belly (which I am not, I don't mind if people know this comes from having just had a little one), I could have gone one size up, but five months from now I may have regretted that decision (I overbought larger sized tops with CW and couldn't wear them a year later).

From the back.  The petite hits me at the low hip, I think it is your call on which you would you want a regular top (and have a fairly short torso)?  Buy the petite.  If you are interested in a tunic (or have a fairly long torso), order the regular.  If you are a petite woman (say under 5'3") and you have a short torso, you could buy the regular version and possibly even wear it as a minidress.

The print, although a hotchpotch, is not as in your face as previous hotchpotch items from Boden.  I adore the mix of citron yellow, grey, white, and charcoal.

It was just chilly enough for me to throw on a cardigan.  I also needed my Thierry Lasry sunglasses for the brightness (not complaining, LOVE the sun!).

Alfresco Top
Alfresco Top.  The color I chose is on backorder in many sizes, but the other colors are proving less popular.

Alfresco Top Styled.

Above is the polyvore.  I am slowly getting back into that other passion of mine.  :)

BTW, if you are interested in the Alfresco top (or any other items from Boden), you can use the below link, along with the code WCM1 (on the shopping bag page) for 15% off and free ship and returns.
Shop at Boden!

Okay, that's it! If you have been kind enough to leave me a comment lately, I have read them, and do plan to comment back. Soon! :)