Friday, May 4, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Some Dressy, Some Casual.

Good Friday afternoon, everyone!

I heard from Suzy (bichonluvr)** Molly (of the awesome blog My Closet Travels) that Boden is having a 30% off (select) Spring Styles today (and for a little while).  I had received an e-mail alerting me to the sale, but I just glossed over it this morning (Rex's kindergarten orientation ran really late--???--and I was a bit sluggish to say the least this AM).  I will go over some of the best picks at the very end of this post (tomorrow, grr!), but will likely do a bigger overview this weekend.  I was able to at least add direct links to the sale, so that is at the very bottom for you for now.

**I apologize to both Suzy and Molly, I was a bit addled this week (clearly) and I messed up who I heard the news from.  Agh!  Must get more sleep.  ;)

At a recent post on the Lavish Tunic, I put some info and news regarding Boden at the bottom of the post, and rather than rehash old stuff, I will just alert those of you who missed that post to go back and read it if you are curious about Boden things.

There is a whole lot in the roundup this week.  Not a ton from me, but quite a bit from all you blog friends!  (So thank you!)  There is also a new contributor this week, a stay at home "mum" from Ireland who runs the (fab) blog School Gate Style.  So definitely go check her blog out and follow if you see something you like (which I bet you will, you wouldn't be reading this blog and this post if you didn't enjoy this sort of thing).  :)

Okay, enough from me!  Onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Essential WedgesI wore these shoes with my outfit of the day yesterday.  I really wanted to find a summer version of my most favorite wedge heels, a pair of nine west gold wedges that I wear a ton every fall and winter.  I own quite a few heeled sandals (and definitely wear them), but sometimes I really want a closed toe and back on my shoe when I am dressing it up.  I saw these and promptly fell in love with the color, the height, and the more casual nature of this heel (the cork bottoms help with that).

Of course I had no idea what size to buy as per usual with Boden...I often wear a 41, but ONLY if the shoe runs narrow and long...but sometimes I wear a 40 if the shoe runs wide...but then sometimes I can wear freaking mini Boden size 39 if their shoes are running big.  If J. Crew has clothing vanity sizing, Boden has shoe vanity sizing.

But to confuse me more the reviews this time sometimes mentioned that the shoes ran really big and wide whereas others said it ran narrow and small.  AGH!

But in the end, all the size 40s were sold out, so my decision was made.  The 41 was my choice.

They fit well.  In fact the length is perfection.  The width is perfection, too, except in the very back where the heel is a bit wide (I have a narrow heel, though).  I also think the height on the back bit of the shoe could have been a squidge taller, which would prevent "heel slip."

The heel height is not too tall and after wearing them the entire day, my feet felt fine.  These are truly comfortable heels.

The color is a bit off from the online image.  I don't mind this light grey brown and happen to think it works for my wardrobe better than the creamy stone color pictured online, but it is a bit deceptive, Boden.  (As are many of their stock shots...grrr!)

So in parting, get your "tts" Boden size unless you have a wide foot.  If you have a wide foot, I would size up, but I anticipate the shoe being too long, which would likely not work for many of you.

Essential Wedges

Essential Wedges.  This seems to be popular, but you should be fine to wait it out for a better deal than my current 15% off and free ship/returns (coupon in sidebar and bottom of post) UNLESS you wear a size 40 or 41...those two sizes are selling like hotcakes.  (Go big feet GO?!?!?)

Chiffon Placket Cardigan
Chiffon Placket Cardigan.  This cardigan was recently reviewed (on my blog) by lolcatgirl (still love her username!).  She says of this piece of knitwear: Just wanted to share that the Chiffon Placket Cardigan is super cropped. The front length for size 6 is 19" which might be ok for wearing with a dress but I bought it to wear with jeans like it's styled on their website.  Thanks lolcatgirl!

Strappy Beach Dress  
Strappy Beach Dress.  Oh, this very pretty vixen, taunting all of us Boden frock fans with its just TERRIBLE sizing.  I have my own thoughts on this dress, and will share IRL photos of the one I received next week, but it turns out that my feelings are spot on with some of my other blog friends.

FWIW, I purchased the size 8 regular, but will return it for the 6 regular.  It is running large, by at least one size.

Egyptomaniac says this of the dress: I wanted to let you know that I've already gotten and sent back my Strappy Beach Dress today :( I ordered before the measurements were up, so I went with my typical US 4 Tall in that pretty blue and orange. It was a hot mess! The straps were too long, the bust was about 3 cup sizes too big (which may not be an issue for others), and placed in a wonky spot, and the rest of the dress was totally shapeless. I was so sad! I adore the print so much and  I really wanted it to work. It might have fit a little better if I had sized down to a sz.2, but it wouldn't have help the bust any.  The dress just had no shape and even husband said that it didn't look like the typical figure flattering dresses I get from Boden. I wish they would have made this print in a jersey dress!

Caroline says this, in almost complete agreement with Egyptomaniac and me: I am an early adopter of the Strappy Beach Dress (Forest Forties Floral). In the "real world," I'm a 14 - 5'8", 38DD, kind of apple-y. I bought a Boden 12R, which is my usual Boden size. It was falling off me -- literally -- so I sent it back and asked for a 10. I'm hoping it fits because the fabric is so pretty, and it seems like it has potential. I can almost imagine needing an 8, though.  I'm not reviewing it on the Boden site until I get my replacement. Hope yours fits. A few ladies are saying it's too small, but my experience was (dramatically) the opposite.

Thanks Egyptomaniac and Caroline!

Tipped Blazer
Tipped Blazer.  Yogagirl did this review a while ago, and because of my inability to keep all balls juggling properly, I TOTALLY missed her wonderful outfit of the day featuring this blazer.  I hadn't even noticed this blazer until I saw this blog post!!! :)

Johnnie b:
Skinny Graphic T-Shirt.  I have owned other Johnnie b tees, but unless the tee's graphic is super wonderful, I have more than enough tees to last a lifetime (next closet cleanout...tees, 100% for sure).  I think this one is pretty unique and although the graphic does skew young, it is sophisticated enough to work for those of us over 20 (or much much more, chortle).  I went with my true Johnnie b size, medium, and it is perfect.  I also like that the length is long enough to tuck in, if that is your desire, or worn out as I did in this outfit from yesterday.

The colors are very pretty, too, a mix of light mint green, navy/black (hard to tell, really), purple, and orange/red.

So if you are a cool cat, go on, get it.  LOL.  (BTW, I had a oversized tee when I was 19 that said cool cat.  My ex-boyfriend bought it for me.  I still have it.  Don't wear it, though.  It is one of those "sentimental" things.)

Skinny Graphic T-shirt
Skinny Graphic T-Shirt. Many many choices for anyone needing a close fitting tee.

mini Boden (baby Boden):
Printed Applique Dress.  Sadly, (or maybe not so sadly), Angus is still a bit too wee to wear his baby Boden items (they run large in 0-3 months), but CW still can fit in their largest size, 3-4 years, so I am milking that as much as I can (those girl items are beyond adorable!).

I knew she would fall in love with this pink bird applique and floral blue background, so it was a slam dunk from my perspective.  She has since proclaimed this is "her favorite dress, ever," so I guess I knew what I was doing.

It fits pretty close to other frocks from the range, but I would say it verges on too small, not too large, so keep that in mind if you have a child ready to go to the next size range.

CW also decided that she wanted another photo, so I snapped this second one of her.

Printed Applique Dress
Printed Applique Dress. It also comes in this calico/elephant version.

Clearance Boden:
Canterbury Tunic
Canterbury Tunic.  School Gate Style shows us two separate ways of styling this lovely (and nicely priced--go clearance!) tunic.  Here is how she has styled it with a long cardi and booties, and here is how she styled it with a shrug.  (There are a few left, but only in the smaller sizes...and a few petites as well.)

Alrighty, then! 

I have run out of time to publish my picks from the 30% off sale that Boden is having on spring styles (of course I have, that would be remarkable if pootling #1, #2, and #3 didn't require my constant presence, after all, that is technically my real job, lol).  So I will leave you with the coupon that will get you the extra 15% off and free ship/returns (does not work on top of the 30%, though, boo!), and ask kindly if you all would tell me your thoughts on the newest promotion?  Any good choices that you all see??? 

Link to the sale directly:
Limited Time Only! Find 30% OFF Select Boden’s Spring Products! Choose from sweaters, tops, pants, shoes & dresses. Valid May 4th-18th. Hurry while supplies last!

Link for an extra 15% and free ship/returns (on the other non-30% off items). If you are a new customer, they will also throw in a tote bag!:
New Customers receive 15% off and a free printed beach bag. Plus free shipping and returns!