Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Night with the Nats.

It feels like a long time (minus the announcement of the birth of Angus) since I curated any sort of familial events on this blog. Of course I love the sartorial spin my blog has, but I do enjoy putting some of my other passions on here, namely my family and the fun things we get to do together. There has definitely been a reduction in fun times, but now that the reason for the fun times diminishing has been solved (my pregnancy, cough, cough), we can get back to the business of making memories. ;)

Rex was barely two months old when we brought him to his first Nationals baseball game (April 2007).  CW was around a year old, but that is owing in part to her birth date in September (she was born *just* at the end of the season in 2008).  Of course Mr. Dina was all gung ho to get lil Gus to his first game some mere two weeks after his birth, but my influence held some sway and Mr. Dina saw the ridiculousness of that request.  I gave in last week, Tuesday, when Gus had made it to a much more sturdy age of five whole weeks. 

This photo cracks me up.  If you open it up, you will see the insanity that is us at a planned event.  Starting from the left back, you will see Rex at the picnic table with the very friendly Deena (no joke) who had insisted on competing with him in a round of Angry Birds space (she on her phone and Rex on my Kindle--moms, take note, that KINDLE IS THE BOMB diggity for keeping kids amused).  Deena works at the park and from what I gathered she was on her break.  How awesome of her to be so sweet to my pumpkin.  If you have kids in this area and have not made it to a game yet, I insist you go, the park is uber-friendly to the children.  In fact, Deena mentioned that on Sundays kids get to run the bases after the game and get autographs (maybe we can get Jayson Werth's autograph after his hand heals?).

In front of the picnic table you see CW cuddling with her new Nationals stuffed animal. 

And then there's Gus and me.  He is feeling me up!  In his Bjorn!  How cheeky!

I am dressed (can't not tell you, right, lol?) in my postpartum "my it's sticky outside" best.  The visor (oh, yeah, I own a visor!) is team gear, the tank is J. Crew, the shorts are Mimi Maternity (still have a few pair I admit to letting linger in my dresser), and the shoes are Miss Trish of Capri for Target.

So you know, I had no idea how awesome this shot was until I got home and could zoom in on the individual happenings.  I think CW cuddling Mr. Nat made me laugh the most followed by how *inappropriate* Angus was being. 

Handed down from Rex, Angus was good to go with his Nationals skull cap.  He made quite a few fans that night, btw.  The folks sitting right next to us kept cooing at him. 

The little red pants, which are a perfect shade of red for the Nationals, are from J. Crew's Nature baby line.  These cutie pie pants were given to me by my sweet on-line Personal shopper.  I let her know that day that she helped us with Gus's outfit...unfortunately for little baby boys, most companies make three colors in their baby pants, navy blue, grey, and brown.  Yawn!

Okay, that's all.  We had a great time, and all of us made it back to the car in one piece.  I think waiting a few weeks for Gus to go may have been the key.  :)

BTW, the Nationals lost.  Sigh.  Of the games that week, ours was the only goose egg of the bunch.  We have all summer though to make sure Angus sees some winning!