Friday, May 18, 2012

ROYGBIV: Orange. Doesn't Rhyme with Anything.

Well, I guess I could technically have put in half of the outfits from the last ROYGBIV post because really what is the color modern red? Truly looks red in the near dark, but in actual light is a really good friend of orange. Probably best described as a "RORANGE" kind of color, little red, little orange. Whatever, I still love it, they could call it poopy doo creamsicle and I would still wear it.

I have two outfits for this post, but I already published one of them, so I will just link back to that post rather than re-posting.  *Because I am lazy.*

The photo has the info, but I will mention some bits about the pieces.

The sweater was really popular in blog land, but I seemed to keep missing it at its really good sale price, and since I knew other people were getting it for almost half off of the original price made me irritable (or it could have been the end of the pregnancy hormones which was when I bought it), I chose to wait until it was the price I knew I could have it at.  Of course I had to wait for a popback, but one morning, very early, I found the boatneck popover in my size and in the orange (TRUE orange) color.  Yay for patience and a being just a little bit crazy.

The rest of the outfit is old, old, old.  Just in case you all didn't realize it, I actually re-wear a ton of my clothes.  It may seem that I have new pretty shiny things all the time, but that is because I just like to show off the new and pretty.  :)  In fact, I rarely buy new pants or shorts.  Eh, just can't feel the love for most of those because most of those just give me sadness...when you can't fit into pants because your thighs are too big, it sort of makes wanting to get new pairs in favor of your old not really a great idea.  Dresses?  Tops?  They seem to fit fine, so I get more of those. 

Okay, rant done.  Don't know why I felt I needed to talk about it, I just did.  Do you have any piece of clothing that gives you sadness because you find it hard to work on your body?  I am really curious.  I sometimes feel alone in my frustration with my body.  Probably because I spend most of my time talking to my husband (he who is super thin and can wear anything) and my toddlers (they don't care if something doesn't fit, always amazes me).  Also do you buy certain types of clothes because they always seem to fit, regardless of other issues you may have with the rest of your body?

That necklace, the scattered glass necklace, is easily my most worn piece of jewelry.  LOVE.  J. Crew should remake that necklace for those of you who missed out on it initially.

I don't think I would ever do a pixie cut, but I am not overwhelmingly disgusted by my face with a short look.  (There is a bun in the back...was a preschool run day, so it made my life easier to have it up.)

End of the preschool run.  My hair and my sweater were still in decent shape.  The jeans were about to fall off, but they stretch out a LOT.  I love them, but I think I need to go to my non-postpartum pair (I have them in size 30, too, these 32s are for after I have the bebes).

This was the first time I had let Gus ride forward in the Bjorn, he loved it.  Mr. Dina says that it looks like he is a vestigial appendage of mine, like a third arm or an extra finger.  LOL.  I guess.  (Such a freaking weirdo, that's my hubby!)

Mr. Roy G. Biv presents Orange.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.

Okay, so this post has the other orange outfit.  That said, it did have an indigo piece, so I would have still been confused on which post to include it in, so I guess it is good I published it early so I wouldn't break my brain.  ;)

You all have a great day.  Talk with you soon!