Monday, May 7, 2012

Boden: 30% Off Select Spring Styles. My Picks!

Hi, everyone. I hope everyone's Monday has been fabulous!

Did anyone get a chance to look at the selected spring styles in the Boden extra 30% off sale this weekend? Well, if not, I took a look around today and picked out a couple of items that have either been reviewed OR that I know are tried and true good choices.  (I figure it is a good idea to get a good price early on something that is popular--you can wait for items that aren't as popular to go on sale during clearance time in late June/early July.)

Ibiza Tunic.  Only two colors on sale, including this gorgeous robin's egg blue shade.  There was a review done by Poppy's Style, whose link you can find in this roundup.

Notch Neck Shift.  I actually own this cream/pink version, and have two other versions from last year.  This dress is only just now fitting me, so I have not had an opportunity to do an IRL review, but it fits exactly as it did last year.  You can find a review of this dress here in a roundup from last year.

Woven Trim Jersey Dress.  This dress looked plain on the model, but Egyptomaniac made it shine.  Her review link can be found at this review roundup.

Rainyday Mac.  This is an insanely popular coat, and usually sells out.  I anticipate the reason this particular one is on sale is because the print may be a bit too much for some folks.  I personally love it and have a feeling some of you out there would like this one, too.  :)  (Don't have an IRL review for you to look at, but its popularity is what made me put it in this picks post.)

Spring Trench.  This one has sold out (nearly) in the solid colors, but the navy bubbles is still kicking around in quite a few sizes.  I reviewed it here.  I definitely recommend it, and it turns out the yellow version I own was a Star Magazine "star" in its own right (I will explain what that means in another post soon).

Textured Cotton Skirt.  The mod floral version that I reviewed is not in the sale, but if this blue flowerburst version seems to be your thing, there are some of these available.  Definitely check out my review, there are some fit issues.

Tipped Blazer.  This one flew so far under my radar, I had no idea is was even an option.  However, thanks to Yogagirl, I discovered it when she put together a fab ootd post featuring it.  The review link can be found in the most recent Boden review roundup.

Below you can find a direct link to the sale.
Limited Time Only! Find 30% OFF Select Boden’s Spring Products! Choose from sweaters, tops, pants, shoes & dresses. Valid May 4th-18th. Hurry while supplies last!

If you are hankering for free shipping and returns, or you spy something not in the sale that you would like to have at an extra percentage off of, click on the link below.  All customers can receive the 15% off with free ship and returns, but as a bonus for new customers, there is a beach bag on offer!  (Reminder...any item in the 30% sale will not receive any additional percentage off.  Le sigh!)
New Customers receive 15% off and a free printed beach bag. Plus free shipping and returns!

Okay, that's it!  Do you have any other picks from this sale?