Monday, May 21, 2012

ROYGBIV: Yellow. I Think I Like Yellow.

The phrase "I think I like yellow" may just be my most understated phrase of this year.  :)  I think based on the fact that four of my postpartum outfits have been in this overly bright shade (not necessarily the best for shrinking into the walls, so to speak), I would dare say my LOVE for this shade is fairly obvious.  (And this doesn't even include the many number of outfits I just didn't have the energy to bother taking a photo of...)

I am starting with the most recent outfit and then going way back to when I had just barely had Gus and moving forward from there.

This color will always have its fans (clearly), but it is meant to be one of the colors from this season, based on my very (un)scientific research at J. Crew.  For example, check out the Lucille dress in (yellow) lace (also on AppGal!), the Basket Weave Shift Dress (as seen on Ginger Girl), the Lace Stripe Shell (which reminds me of the top in my last outfit--sort of), the citron sequin mini (if you can afford it, ouch!), and for the stripes fans, the Stripe Linen Open Stitch Sweater.

I have recently been turned onto the sort of editorial photography that other blogs have.  Now as a SAHM who just had a third kid, I can't really go out and act all fashion modely, nor would I think any of you expect me to, but I kind of dig it when I can get my hubby to grab a photo of me on the go.  Now granted...he has a really LOW threshold for BS, so if it takes more than three shots, he throws in the towel and says, "it's good enough."  ;)

This was on shot one, and it was fine, I really liked it, he did a good job grabbing my shadow and the trees of his work's courtyard.

(BTW, I do some editorial type photos with my SLR or Point and Shoot's timer mode, and those are fine, but honestly, it is a real pain in the neck, and again, require that I have the time.  Ha.  Time. More like naptime.)

Info on the outfit is in the photo.  All of these pieces I wear again and again and again.

Aw, I was probably three weeks postpartum here.  I just remember being so happy I hadn't sold those J. Crew bright yellow cord pants after I lost the weight from having CW. 

These pants literally only fit for a few weeks this time around (they were definitely worn way more than that after CW), but I really enjoyed wearing them again.  I should have probably grabbed them in a smaller size when I had the chance, but it's fine.  Maybe I will wait until the garment dyed toothpicks go on sale.

CW really liked that we had matching fabrics on her dress and my top (factory printed cap sleeve blouse).  These are both from the factory, and both still available.  The shirt I have is one that the factory does exclusively and has done for years.  I have this shape top in multiple prints, including this one (paisley). I am a sucker for these and buy at least one a year.

The outfit, no shades.

My brother took the four of us out for yummy sushi that afternoon.  I was so excited to have tuna for the first time in a real long time.  (And a migraine headache, too.  Blegh.  Gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose.)

I think the moonbeam sequined blazer is awesome, just that little bit of bling every everyday kind of outfit needs, right?  ;)

Mr. Roy G. Biv presents Yellow.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.

A few days after I went out for sushi, I felt like it was about time to bring out my Madewell v-neck tee that I bought on super sale.

I think we were headed out that evening to Potomac Mills or some such, but regardless it was definitely some sort of mundane task all parents have to do at some point or another.

Quick fact--we go to the grocery store and spend more money than I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE on snacks for children.  Mr. Dina's portion of the groceries?  10% tops.  My portion ('cause breastfeeding makes me ravenous)?  20% tops.  Rex/CW?  70%, mainly in the uncrustables/fruit snacks/cheez-its/juice boxes/apples variety. 

You can open up the photo to see the info on the pieces.

All are still available, including (surprisingly!) the downtown field jacket which J. Crew made in the fall of 2010 and has continued to make is now sold out.  They know a winner when they see it, I guess.

J. Crew Field jacket (well it was available not that long ago, le sigh).
Boden Flowerburst Scarf.
Madewell v-neck pocket tee (it is another color, but close enough).
Garnet Hill modern knit pants.
Target venda jeweled ballet flats.

No jacket.  I have to say if you can find the downtown field jacket, give a try.  I wear it a lot in the fall and spring when it is just cold enough to need something and there is a threat of rain (the coat has a special wax coating which repels the rain).

I think my pompadour hairstyle made me feel kind of like a bad a**, so I chose to set the timer and do my best "model" shots.  This was literally taken the day after the last outfit pictured above, so again about four weeks postpartum.

It was necessary for me to wear the downtown field jacket again, we were heading out for CW's dance class, but by the end of the class it was warm enough for me to take it off.

Only Boden's Uptown Heels are currently available...I did a review of them here if you like them (from the same outfit, btw, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it just took me that long to get the outfit of the day photos in an actual ootd post).  (Oh, and I always wear my uptown with my downtown.  I mean, wouldn't you?)

This is an ancient Banana Republic bag that I bought for some ridiculously good price at a consignment shop.

Thumbs in pockets.  I have to retry these pants on...I suspect they might be a bit too big in the waist now, but I do really like them, maybe enough to tailor?  Initially I thought I would just resell them, but now I am rethinking it.

And since this is a yellow themed post, I think it is best to end with this photo showing off the daisy eyelet top from the last time J. Crew really got into yellow, the summer of 2008.

Bonus points if you didn't look at the above shot and lol at my hair, although if you did, I am lol-ing with you.  ;)

Anyone else have a big crush on yellow?