Tuesday, May 22, 2012

J. Crew: Inspiring Me Now.

If you were around on Sunday, I published a post on several images from the J. Crew factory that were inspiring me right now, so rather than rehash why I started this type of post, I encourage you to check it out if you haven't already.

Crazily enough, J. Crew is LESS inspiring to me than the factory.  I really like quite a lot from J. Crew now, just not enough to be inspired or even to be inspired to buy.  (Is it fatigue or is it consumer fatigue?  The blog world may never know...or care.)  ;)

The factory, in addition to having better prices, also has more classic styling AND sometimes has better quality.  This red sweater I wore recently I bought for around $10 and is thick and plush and vibrant and seems to be the sort that will be in my closet forever (read: made well).  Although most of my J. Crew retail sweaters are fine, I did notice that for the money spent, I would anticipate that they wouldn't pill, or get holes, or get stretched out...and unfortunately about 10% of my sweaters from the Crew do.  Sigh.  Might explain my "consumer" fatigue.

Regardless, I will always have an affection for J. Crew and will continue to seek out their catalogs and website for ideas, and will likely spend at least a little bit each month on something, but it is definitely odd that I have more inspiration photos from their little sister than them.

From this rollout's looks we love, this is no. 6.  I briefly mentioned this sweater in yesterday's post on the color yellow, but I do not own it, nor will I.  However, I can easily replicate this look with pieces in my closet...including the Brompton clutch in safari cat that I own (I reviewed it here).

This model looks classic, current, and beautiful in these pieces.  Definitely very inspiring.

This is look no. 16 from the looks we love.  Adorable.  Again, I own none of the pieces but I love the whole look, and it can be easily replicated.

Closet Crisis reviewed the short sleeve sweatshirt today on her blog.  Definitely a great piece that I can see working in many people's lives.

I have really gotten into bright pink this year, and though I don't want either of these, I do adore this whole look, so simple and easy, yet has a high impact.  Love.

This is the cashmere v-neck sweater and the skirt is only available in the Madison Avenue Collection store.  

I confess to finding this pleated blouson dress very intriguing.  The dress is poly, but the pleats might stay in better shape because of that and since I am allergic to ironing (it's true, lol!), a silk option would have been a no go for me.  The shape is likely a good one for me, as it really emphasizes the waist.  Is anyone else in love with this dress or is it just me?  (Note, I know the price is CAH-RAY-ZEE, I mean do you love the dress if you could have it at whatever price you could buy it at, be it $10 or $350?)

Okay, that's it, four looks.

Did I neglect any looks from either the collection or regular line that you love???  Do tell!