Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boden: Catch of the Day! Knitwear!

Good Thursday morning, all!

Yay for Catch of the Day.  :)

Anyhow, you all know the deal by now, so let's get this "picks" party started.

Cashmere Crewneck Jumper.  Now $103.60 (from $148).  All colors are on sale for $103.60, btw.

I had been mulling over purchasing a cashmere sweater from J. Crew this past week, since they had a 25% off sale going, but in the end, and I can't really put my finger on it, I chose not to pull the trigger.  I think it may have been the combined effect of lack of colors that I wanted or needed and the fact that all of J. Crew's cashmere is super super expensive this season.  If I had wanted to buy even the most basic piece, say a long-sleeved sweater, it would have put me out about $150, WITH the sale.  Sigh.  So no.

I am always pleased with Boden's cashmere, and it is always well-priced.  What had been their big issue was lack of interesting colors (which is usually not J. Crew's problem), but this year they have both staple colors (like the caramel above) and bright beautiful shades like the one below.

I kind of love this warm purple shade with a slight heathered effect.  Very very pretty, and if it looks this good in real life, then this 100% cashmere sweater will indeed be a steal at today's price.

There is also this clover melange color which the model is wearing in the stock photo.

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper
Cashmere Crewneck Jumper.  A few things before you all decide to pull the trigger on this one, though.  I read the reviews and there were a lot of people that said that the sweater runs short in the sleeves and body, and that the overall look is a bit shrunken, so definitely size up if you carry your weight up top.  There was also a few reviews that mentioned that the caramel color had a bit of orange in it (like a ginger shade), so if warm camel doesn't work for you, then definitely stay away from that shade.

Embellished Cardigan.  I can 100% recommend this cardigan as this was one from my pre-order.  I have received it, tried it on, checked it out and have determined that this is a really nice item.  The beading is lovely and hand-applied (and sewn in with a lining behind it to protect it).  The color above is not navy but rather a very deep grey shade that works with so many pieces already in my closet.  And because the embellishment isn't everywhere, this cardigan can work with even busy prints without competing with them.

Once I get myself motivated, I plan on wearing this today with a pair of printed jeans, a tank, and some cute booties.  I will then, of course, take some photos and share it with you this evening as part of the BWRR.

Embellished Cardigan
Embellished Cardigan.  This cardigan runs true to size and is a soft cotton/wool blend.  It has hook closures, which normally bug me, but on this cardigan they do the job well and can, depending on how many hooks are closed, completely change how the cardigan looks.  (When closed, the cardigan is the main player, when opened, the cardigan becomes a secondary role.)

Long Cable Cardigan.  In many parts of America, this is the type of cardigan that could be used in place of a coat when it gets a bit chilly outside.  In fact, barring a few months of the year, this could be the only coat needed here in VA.  It is a merino wool/nylon blend, so I am sure it is soft and stretchy.  The only thing that I don't care for is the fact that it doesn't have any way of closing it, but if you wanted to, you could grab a leather belt and do up the cardi that way.

And because I am home sick today (ugh), I definitely see this as one of those "yucky day, so I wear my pajamas and need a coverup" kind of knitwear.

Long Cable Cardigan
Long Cable Cardigan.  At $131.60 (from $188), all colors are very decently priced for a versatile workhorse of a garment.

I really like how long it is on the model, btw.

Merino Cardigan.  I have a prior version of this cardigan in a yellow (seen here) and I reach for it all the time.  It comes in a variety of colors, but this mid-blue is something unique and a color I haven't seen offered from any of my favorite retailers in a long time.

Merino Cardigan
Merino Cardigan.  All colors are 30% off.  They even have a yellow version, just like the one I own!

Alrighty, those are my picks, though there is a lot of great items on sale today (and a lot of them at the 30% off mark).  Do you have any picks that you would like to share with us?