Friday, October 12, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Zip 'Em Up.

Hi, all!  Happy Friday night or Saturday morning (depending on when I actually get this published).  :)

So have all of your Boden packages been rolling in?  I received something like six spotty bags and/or boxes this week.  It was like the fast boat from Leicester met up with the slow boat and they both managed to get the packages for me in at the same time.  Weird.

So because of that, I have quite a few pieces to review for you over the next few weeks, and so do my kids!  In fact, CW will be wearing one of them this weekend, so definitely be on the lookout for that next Wednesday.

Today's roundup is very sedate, only one real review from me, and only a handful from others.

If any of these float your boat and it appears that the item you like is about to sell out, definitely pick it up using the coupon in the sidebar or in the bottom of this post...however if you don't think it will sell out, maybe wait just a few days.  A birdie has let me know there will likely be another promo next week...and of course, if there is, I will make sure to let you all know here and at my Facebook page.

Okay, onto the roundup!

Boden for Women:
I am doing my "chicken arm" pose.  Mr. Dina always ALWAYS stands like this and it literally drives me crazy.  But since I had an actual chicken on my sweater, I figured now or never, you know?  ;)
Zip Ankle Skimmer.  I bought these in a size 8 long after reading the on-line reviews.  Most pants I purchase from Boden I have to read reviews for as I am really never 100% sure if I am an 8 or 10.  In fact, even when I think I have purchased the right size, I am wrong.  (The Roma trousers I purchased in an 8 long were too big, preventing me from beating Dottie's bottom in bowling--see this post for more on that, lol.)

These fit exactly right in the 8 long, thank goodness.  I love this color, a rich deep cranberry that is perfect for all seasons (although very doubtful I would ever wear these in summer here in VA).

The size was long enough in the inseam for my legs, at 30 inches, it skimmed (get it?) right at my ankles.

The fabric was a smooth stretchy cotton, and hugged my curves and did not squeeze me in.  I certainly was showing my curves, but I have never been a fan of making a woman's body look straight and narrow just because that is the fashion, so this is a look I can embrace.  (In other words, I kind of dig showing off that I am not an hourglass, nor a ruler, but in fact a tall pear.  I don't do it every day, but I do it sometimes, because I want to own it!)  ;)

You can't really see the zippers.  They aren't even useful, but I suppose you could unzip them and just let them fly?  Whatever.

I loved the styling potential of these pants...they may be an unusual shade for trousers, but they work with many many colors.

I may buy these in the pine, too.

I have read that these run a bit large, so if you have a smaller lower half of your body, you may even need to size down by two sizes.  Length is definitely true to size.

This is the best image of the color.  Yes, I was at TJ Maxx, yes, I was trying on an insanely expensive Tory Burch jacket (love but not for me) and just a little less than insanely expensive Kate Spade Jocelyn pumps.  I came home with the heels, but only after a couple of days of waiting it out.  ;)

Zip Ankle Skimmer
Zip Ankle Skimmer.  Available in most colors and in most sizes.  You can wait these out, unless you need them and will wear them before they go on deeper discount.

Westminster Silk Scarf
Westminster Silk Scarf.  I wore this scarf for the second time this season here (outfit with red/navy striped top and pants halfway down the post).

Velvet Trim Hoody
Velvet Trim Hoody.  Lou had to be super creative on her recent trip to France as she only brought a small bag with her.  This was one of her layers, and you can see it at the this post (last shot where she and her darling daughter are no doubt having a very fun time--who knew there are soft play rooms on ferries?).  :)

Click on the name of the product below, my affiliate doesn't have this one in its directory.
Autumn Breton.  Lou models the navy/white color on day 14 of her lovely journey to France. 

Retro Top
Retro Top.  Continuing its popularity amongst the (very small almost teeny) Boden blogging community, we see it on the beautiful Egyptomaniac.  (Read the whole post, she's crafty, too...she deemed the top not exactly right and figured out how to sew it to make it exactly right for her.  Brilliant!)

In addition to the IRL review of this top, Kendra left me a comment on one of my latest blog posts and had a quick written review for us of this top:

Got to try on my retro top today-- I ordered my usual boden dress size (first boden top I've bought) and it seemed a bit too big- in the arms as well as the body, although the material is super comfy. Am considering exchanging it for a size smaller, although that might be too tight in the bust/shoulders. Will try it with other pants tomorrow.

Thanks, Kendra!
Loulou Dress
LouLou Dress.  Poppy's Style decided to send the one she received the very bottom of this post to find out why.

Placket Cord Dress
Placket Cord Dress.  Kendra also gave me a review of this in her comment a few posts back. 

Got the placket cord dress- although this one gets rave reviews I didn't love it on me right out of the package--- it may be due to the stiff creases from folding/mailing- but the arms were too big (usually not a problem for me, as I have fairly muscular upper arms, for a lady, lol) and so was the bust area (also, usually not a problem). The bottom flared out more than I would like (I am an upside down triangle shape, this would probably better suit an hourglass or pear). I am going to iron/uncrease and see if it looks different but it is probably going back. : (

Thanks, again, Kendra for the reviews!!! :)

Okay, all I believe that is it.  If I did forget yours, would you mind commenting here or e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com?  I try to stay on top of everything, but I am still a (very flawed) human, after all.  LOL.

Alright, below is the link to the 15% off coupon (with free ship and returns) for mobile users of this blog.

Have a great night!