Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Great Reviews Everywhere!

Good evening, all!

So many reviews here tonight, 23 total!  Okay, yes, a few are repeats from last night's dress post, but there are quite a few new ones, including a couple that are knitwear reviews (to capitalize on the fact that today's catch of the day is knitwear).

So on that note, let's begin the reviews...

Embellished Cardigan.  I saw this cardigan in the winter preview and decided I was not going to wait to see if it was going to clearance like I did with a similar embellished cardigan from last year.  And since it was a dark grey (contrary to how it reads in most photos, btw), I knew it would easily work in my wardrobe as a great neutral topper. 

Of course it is completely in stock, in all colors.  Ah, of course.  I got it at 20% off, so I am not crying over the 10% difference, rather a bit irked, to be honest.  You win some, you lose some.

Here is it opened, which lends the look a very casual feel.  I do like that I can grab and go and feel "dressed," even without a lot of makeup, necklace, or earrings.  Great for a SAHM with three under 6.

Sorry for the lighting, got dark really really quick tonight. 

The cardi is partially closed in this shot, which I would likely wear only over dresses, but I do think that it looks nice like this, even over pants and a tank.

Again, partially closed. 

I bought this in a size 6, which is my true size in Boden.  You only need to size up if you have issues with buttons gaping, as the hook closures are not going to "lock and load" (thank you, Stacy and Clinton for the phrase).

And with a flash we have LIGHT!  This is how I liked it best with the outfit I wore today, with all but the top few closures undone. 

This is the best representation of the color of the cardigan.  It is not as pure a grey as the tank, and it does have undertones of blue, but is definitely a grey and not a navy, so do not buy this cardigan if you are looking for a navy embellished cardigan.

You can see how nicely finished the beading is.

The cardigan is a wool blend and is very soft and very warm.  Big, enthusiastic thumbs up on this one.

The beading is protected from disturbances (like my children's little paws, lol) by the lined placket.

Embellished Cardigan
Embellished Cardigan.   So not selling out, so if you don't need it right now, you can wait. 

However, if that pink low stock box shows up, definitely buy, as Boden doesn't replenish winter items with new stock (usually anyhow), and when they are gone, they are gone for good.

Boho Dress
Boho Dress.  I wore this yesterday, and you can see it in this blog post.  :)

Reviews by other bloggers:
Zip Ankle Skimmer
Zip Ankle Skimmers.  Lou has these in pine (the color I am pining for--groan, I know), and I must say they look very lovely on her!

Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan
Straightleg Chinos (link is embedded in name, no image, sorry!) and Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan.  Lou wore these two items together in a very cute pink/grey look.

Carnaby Dress
Carnaby Dress.  One of my blog friends, Izzywizz, has a wonderful blog and has reviewed for us this dress in peacock. Definitely become a follower if you can!!! :)

Sixties Heels
Sixties Heels.  Izzywizz wore these with an outfit in August and they look darling on her!!!  I still need to find an occasion to wear mine, but maybe church this weekend will call their name?  

Speaking of blog friends, Kendra wrote me an e-mail with many Boden reviews, including four dress reviews (which were also published last night and are at the bottom of her reviews) and three non-dress reviews (which are new tonight--they are first):
Sixties Skirt
Sixties Skirt.  This first review by Kendra is of this adorable skirt, for which she says:

I followed the measurement chart and got this in a 8L (usually I am 6R). The length was good but way too big. Again, the pockets paired with my glasses and large facial features just didn't work, IMO. Love the fabric and the skirt on the model, though.  (She references the glasses in her review of the Autumn breton which is below.)

Autumn Breton.  (I have embedded the link directly in the name, sorry no image.) This top was reviewed by Kendra and she said:

I also received the autumn breton in the brown/periwinkle (not the real name of the colors) stripes. It fit well, was good quality, heavy but not too heavy, but I don't love it enough to keep it. I don't really like the colors with my coloring and my glasses (black plastic/somewhat thick frames). I wore it in my usual dress size, 6, and it fit well. It may be short in the sleeves for taller women.

Cord Kilt
Jumbo Cord Skirt (Cord Kilt). Of this skirt, Kendra had these thoughts:

The skirt is gorgeous, and very well-made, lined & thick, lush cord. I got the long length, as it was the only length available in my size (6) at the time (I am 5'7" and have gotten the R length in other boden items, which has been fine). Although the skirt fit, it just *seemed* too big. Not too big as too loose, but too bulky. It fit well at the waist, and there was a bit of extra fabric around the hips, which is usually the case with me, as I have no hips (my shoulders are significantly wider than my hips-- I have 29.5" waist at the smallest point and 35.5" hips if that helps put things into perspective). 

I think this was at least in part due to the jumbo size of the cord (even more jumbo than looks in the pic), the brightness of the green (it is not a pine color, it is more kelly green), thickness of the material, the leather buckle detail, and the length-- the length (just below the knee) would have been fine for another skirt on me, but it just seemed like too much skirt. I am considering trying the R length, but this one will go back.

Pimlico Dress
Pimlico Dress. Kendra writes of this one:

I love the fit of this dress. I got the 6R (seems to be my "usual" boden size) and it fits perfectly. Hits just below the knee. slimming-- slim fit but not tight or body hugging. I got the blue, which I like with my coloring. However, although I've had this dress for about a month, I haven't worn it-- it is a bit cutesy w/the small flower print, which has deterred me from wearing it to work yet. And it is just starting to get cooler, and this is a leggings and boots dress for me. I have kept this one so far. 

Multi-Stitch Dress
Multi Stitch Dress.  Regarding this one, Kendra has these thoughts:

Have this in navy, size 6R. It's a bit roomy but fits my upside-down-triangle shape well. There's extra fabric in the tummy area, but I don't mind that- I carry any extra weight I have there, and I don't like things to be too fitted in that area. It is a tad more fitted in the hips, which works well for me. Plus, I have broad shoulders and I think a size smaller wouldn't have worked. R length is just above the knee. The cord is soft, velvety and plush, not stiff. The arms are a bit roomy, but I dig this dress- I recommend it highly on sale if it works with your body type! 

Alexa Dress
Alexa Dress. Kendra says of this knitted beauty:

I wanted to love this one. I really did. The dress itself and the knit is gorgeous. Ordered in sz 6 and WAY too big in the tummy/hips area. It was short waisted on me, although the R length was more than long enough. I tried a size 4 and it was way too tight in the arms, ok in the bust, and still too big in the tummy/hips!! I sadly gave up on this one. If you're a pear, it may work perfectly for you!!

Audrey Dress
Audrey Dress. One of my favorites (obviously, lol), Kendra says of this one:

Dina inspired me to try this one. I love it on her, but not me. I got the same kelly green, which is gorgeous, but the front pockets paired with my black plastic frames (I have dry eyes right now so can't wear contacts which is so frustrating!!!!) looked a bit silly together. The dress was snug on me, a bit uncomfortably so (I like my clothes looseish), but sizing up would have probably been too much. The dress in a 6R was also a bit short on me- almost too short for work without boots and tights or leggings. It went back. 

Next up we have Margaret's five reviews (e-mailed to me)! 

Kate Dress
Kate Dress.

This skirt on this dress is pleated at the waistband, and it made my hips look massive. Very unflattering, so going back. The lining also felt weird and slimy. Fabric was nice, though. I'm 5'4" and short torsoed, and the regular's waistband hit above my waist; I imagine you'd have to be very small indeed for the petite to be well cut.

Wideleg Jeans
Wide leg jeans.

I took a 10P in these. Cute from the front, but without proper rear pockets, they made my butt look nearly concave. The denim was very nice. I also worried they might stretch out with wear, and the 10 was already loose in places. The 8P was so tight it was barely zippable and nearly obscene on. Going back, with regrets.

Classic Boots
Classic boots. 

I heard the calves on these ran large, so I got a pair. The size 40 fit my size 8 1/2 feet beautifully. The leather is high quality. And I couldn't zip them up. The sales rep says the boots have 16" calves in a size 40, and my calves are 15'5". Going back.

Flippy Cord Skirt
Flippy cord skirt.

This was too tight in an 8, and fit nicely in a 10. The regular is just knee length, in a perfect world I'd have gotten a long, but they were sold out. Fully lined, soft fabric, very flattering on a pear shape. A keeper.

Wool Skater Skirt
Wool skater skirt.

This skirt is short. The long is just above my knees, so taller ladies might not like this one. I needed a size 10L. The wool and lining are quality, albeit a bit scratched. It is fairly full, and the skirt stands away from the body without draping, so it is hip widening. I found it looked cute with tights and a layered cardigan over it, and unflattering with only a simple crewneck sweater over. I'd be curious if cleaning would make the fabric relax and drape more. A keeper.

LaurenPhD sent me the next three reviews (also through e-mail)!
Funnel Neck Jacket
Funnel neck jacket.

I got this in grey, which is darker than it appears on the web site. It is lined in a gorgeous dark peacock. It fits true to size, but I am very short-waisted, so it would be too short on someone with a longer torso. A lot of reviews also say that the sleeves are too short, but I have weirdly disproportionately short arms, so they're a perfect length for me. 

Oil Cloth Messenger Bag
Oil cloth messenger bag.  

I got this in camelia, which is actually a dark coral (not hot pink, like it looks online). I wouldn't call this a messenger bag - it's really just a larger cross-body purse. The size is perfect - big enough for a paperback, wallet, big sunglasses case, etc., but not too big. The color is really fun, despite being more spring/summery than fall.

Retro Top
Retro top.

I got this because all of the great reviews online. It's really cute and the fabric is great. Boden actually pulled a J. Crew on me: the packing slip and plastic packaging says that it's a 6, but the top says that it's an 8. I'm trying to decide whether to try the 6 because it took so freaking long to get the 8 on the slow boat from England. The 8 actually fits perfectly on the shoulders, chest, and armpits, but it's a tad big in the sleeves (again, probably because of my freakishly short arms).

And finally, our last review, from CC!
Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper
Cashmere Crewneck Jumper.  CC wrote about this one today in the Catch of the Day knitwear blog post, in response to my writing about the reviews I had read on-line.  She wanted to make sure that we saw a contrary opinion, which I appreciate.  Based on what she has said and what the measurements say, I personally would stay true to size if purchasing.

I do have have the Cashmere Crewneck Jumper (in black and the clover melange), which are both great neutral colors. However, I don't feel the length or sleeves are short, in fact I find it more generous in sizing than other Boden sweaters/tees. I'm not really tall, but I can tell you that this sweater is longer in length and in the sleeves than last year's cashmere cardi. 

Okay, that's it.  There was a lot here, and I really do appreciate everyone helping out by sending in their reviews or reviewing/wearing the items on their blogs.  You all are the best!

Here is a link for a 15% off with free ship and returns, just in case you need it and are on a mobile device.