Monday, March 9, 2015

Boden: Summer 2015 New Arrivals Are Here!

Good Monday morning!

When I saw that all the affiliate coupons in my sidebar and recent blog posts had expired (I checked yesterday), I suspected that meant there were new arrivals coming our way, and like clockwork, they arrived this morning, just like they have in the past (Boden typically likes a Sunday, Monday, or Friday rollout). 

Anyhow, here in VA it is supposed to get above 60 for the first time in forever, and I am appreciative of all the beautiful clothing of warm weather clothing for once.  Normally I just scoff at seeing bikinis in early March, but I am like, "bring it."  So done with cold weather.  I am always "done" with cold weather, I am not the type to herald the coming of fall, but this year's winter was just brutal. 

*I do, though, think the image they chose to use for their "new summer line" is a bit hilarious.  Bikini!  Sunglasses!  Rain Jacket!  In the SUN!*  If I wore that combo to the beach in July in the South, people would wonder what was wrong with me.

Okay, so take a look around.  A lot of these are from the preview we had way back here, so if you would like to remind yourself of my picks, they are here.  Some of those picks will be available the next time new arrivals will be rolled out, so if you don't see something over there at that blog post at Boden right now, it is not "out" yet.

Do you see anything you just adore?  Let us know!

Below is the current coupon from the affiliate.  It is the typical 15% off.  :-)