Monday, January 18, 2016

Boden: Clearance Prices Drop Further!

Hi, everyone!

I hope all of you are well.  I have been in the mad dash to get this coat sewn up (the one you are seeing is my muslin, which is made for fitting purposes only), and I am nearing the end point.  I am glad to take on such a big project, but most of my spare time has been spent doing that and nothing else.

Angus jumped off the couch yesterday, and all of you moms and dads out there know what I am going to say next, he broke his leg while landing from his jump.  And in almost perfect timing, it has been one year since Rex broke his leg while ice skating.  Ugh.  Poor baby Angus.  Wish us luck (and patience) for another round of caring for a broken-legged child.

Okay, so good news for Boden fans.  If you still thought clearance prices were too high (raising my hands emphatically here), the folks at Boden have reduced quite a few of the items that were not selling well at their higher sale prices.  I was stoked to see the Relaxed Toasty Roll Neck (in pink only), as well as the Heritage Check Coatigan (here, both colors), were reduced nicely.  I couldn't pull the trigger at the higher prices, so I held on, and when I saw the better prices this am, I decided to go for it (especially since it is freezing here today and both of these look so warm!).

Do any of you see any REALLY great deals?  I know a few items that I reviewed over the past few months (either in the BWRRs or at my Instagram account) have been greatly reduced in price, so you may want to check out both of those.

Alright!  Enjoy (sale) shopping!  Back soon with a sewing a coat post!

Boden USA