Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Boden: Summer 2016 Preview is Live!

Textured Emma Dress--a gorgeous offering!

Hi, all! 

We are slowly digging out here in the Northern Virginia area.  We received around 20 inches of snow here in Alexandria, which is quite a lot for us.  Other parts of the area (further west, in higher elevations) received upwards of 30-36".  Man.  That's a lot of snow.  We did not suffer this much snow and power outages, forcing us to escape to a hotel, but it was close.

I posted a few of my snow related escapades from this time on Instagram.  :-)

Anyhow, I received an email yesterday stating that Boden had some new styles for me to look at, and I was all, "ooh, preview time!"  I still get excited by the new styles.  I was really really hoping that this Summer's preview would make up for the lackluster spring offerings.  (I have my eye on three items from spring, that's it, normally that number is much higher.  Great for my wallet, but sad for my eye candy, I feel like a lot of what I am seeing at Boden right now is Gap circa 2001.)

I took a look around and I encourage you all to go, too.  If there is an interest in an item or two, the code for 20% off with free shipping and returns is 9R7C*.  This code expires on February 5, which is next Friday.  I should be able to get a picks post done before that point, especially if they don't add anymore items.  (Based on what I saw over there, I have slim pickings.)  :-/

*I can give codes for preview time, as these are different from what the affiliate sends me.  Yay!

Here's to hoping they add more.  I usually love the Boden summer offerings, but these seem a bit subdued, plain, and easily found at other places.  If I am paying Boden prices, I want the Boden style, especially since we here in America can get our basics at a number of places for far cheaper than Boden sells them for.

Alrighty, enjoy your Tuesday!