Friday, January 22, 2016

Boden: Extra 10% Off Clearance Items!

Hey, all! 

So happy Friday.  :-)  I know for those of you that live around here (DC/MD/VA/PA/DE/NC), you are bracing for quite a weekend.  (SNOW!  BLIZZARD!  WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!)

Anyhow, the snow hasn't started here yet, and since we still have power and internet access (really hoping those stay all weekend), I thought I would take a moment and let you all know that Boden has decided this weekend is the one where they will give an extra 10% off their clearance items.  All of us LOVE when Boden does this, and I am sure this year will be no exception.

I did receive the few items that I ordered in clearance two days ago, and have already worn one of them, the Heritage Check Coatigan (here at Boden).  It is very warm, a lovely mix of colors, and I have seen no reason to take it off, but it is getting a bit "pilly," so be warned of that.  I believe the mohair in the mix is to blame.  Nothing a shaver won't fix, but still, had it no pills, I would say it is a homerun, especially for the new price.

I also received the Relaxed Toasty Roll Neck (here at Boden) and I have plans to wear it one of these weekend days, so watch my Instagram for it.  Even though I sincerely have plans to update this blog with a special clearance Boden Review Roundup, I know better than to promise.  I took a size small in the roll neck, and it fits wonderfully, the back bit is even long enough to cover my tush.  (That's saying something, btw.)

The Ravello top in the floral print (here at Boden) came and since I am the last Boden fan on earth to own one, I didn't know what to do sizing wise.  The 6 fits, but the hem is a bit tight, so I went ahead and reordered the size 8 with the reduced price.  I know the 8 will fit, it will be loose up top, but I don't think it will detract from the overall look.

Apparently if all you have in your bag is clearance stuff, they will get you on shipping.  (Even if your order is over $49.)  I don't love that they do this, and I know some of you wouldn't even notice, so I am putting it out there so it is noticed.  I get that $5 shipping isn't a big deal, but I know a lot of people who just won't pay shipping.  The only way to avoid it is to add $49 or more of REGULAR priced items from the current line, and use the 3Y9L code (it's in my blog sidebar, too) to get the 15% off with free shipping on those regular items.

Okay, that's it.  I have a very long blog post to write for both here and the Fabric Mart blog on my latest sewing project.  This project was so involved and took so much time that I am going to make sure I take some credit here at this blog for it, too.  :-)  Look for it next week some time if you like the sewing stuff.

Any picks from the newly priced items?

This link will get you to the sale.  :-)
Last call! Extra 10% off already reduced prices. Valid Jan 22nd - Jan 24th!