Monday, January 4, 2016

Boden: Spring 2016 is Here!

Hey, all!  Happy Monday! 

Anyhow, as every single person who cares about what happens in Boden land knows, today is the "drop" day for Spring 2016.  (Well at least the first rollout of Spring 2016.)

It seems fine enough, especially if you really like basics combined with Boden's quality, but since that's not really my thing (love the prints and bright colors you can only get from Boden and their quality), I am a bit ho-hum about it all. 

The blue backgrounds and the overall emphasis on blue (many of the entry shots on the category pages are of blue items, tees, dresses, etc.) seem a bit too sedate and not exciting enough.  I kind of felt sleepy after looking through the pages, to be honest.  I am not alone, there was a scientific study on which filters received the most engagement in Instagram, and the ones with a blue hue did significantly worse than the warmer hued ones.  The marketing people at Boden must have missed that memo.  Oops.  :-)  (Boden, hint, read the study and maybe DO THAT next time.)

Okay, so all that aside, there were quite a few items in this rollout from my "Spring Picks" post here, but obviously some of those are in future rollouts, so don't expect them all today.

The affiliate program provided me with a 15% off coupon, and it works on all new arrivals, but not on clearance (the stuff from the winter sale is now clearance).  There is a link at the bottom of the post and there is also a link in the blog's sidebar.

They added an additional color of the Martha Dress, and I love it!  Still hate the blue background, but really dig this pretty border print.  I may end up trying the navy version since I already have a ton of clothing in ivory, light blue, and yellow.  That said, I may end up being sized out since my pear shape may not end up getting along with this sheath shape, since it looks like to work on me I would have to buy a dress too large for my torso and a bit too fitted on my hips.

What are your thoughts on the rollout?  Any must haves?  Do you care about the overall "blue" look?

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