Monday, June 20, 2011

Boden: New Coupon Code--25% Off!

This Relaxed Silk Dress is on sale today and tomorrow for an additional 25% off.  You will see more on this dress today in a special Mommy Style Monday on "Resizing."  Until then, you can check out my original review here.

Hi, all, good morning!

The kind folks at Boden e-mailed this morning and gave me some (awesome, wonderful) html code for a new coupon at Boden!  Yay!

Save 25% Plus Free Shipping at!
The coupon is for 25% off and expires on June 21, 2011, which is tomorrow. You can obviously access it above, but I will also add it to my sidebar to make it easy to find if you just come to my blog, but not this post.

Quick update on some Boden Blogging particulars:
I have been working steadily over the past few weeks to create a more streamlined process for finding the Boden Weekly Review Roundups (searching for those words gets you the roundups AND a whole lot of other kinds of posts), so I have decided to add a label called "BWRR," which stands for "Boden Weekly Review Roundup."  I have about ten more posts that I need to add that label to, but I should be able to finish that as soon as I am done publishing this post.  I think this will help many of you out in your Boden searching, especially if you just want to see a lot of different items from Boden all at once.  By the end of the day, I will have added "search" bar to my sidebar so that you can search for individual keywords like "relaxed silk dress," for instance.  :)

Until then, happy shopping!  Let us all know if you pick up anything that you have wanted for a while.