Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boden Summer Sale: Women Shoes and Boots Review Roundup!

Why not wear a pair of red shoes?  They're on sale after all!  :)


In each of these posts, you will see the Boden stock photo (which takes you directly to that page at Boden) and a link to where the original review was. If the review was from me (or my darling little mini-Boden Aficionados) or a Boden blogger friend that has no blog of their own, you will end up at one of the (in-season) Boden Weekly Review Roundups. If the review was from a Boden blogger who is not me, I have included a link directly back to their blog.

The sales do not include “coupon stacking” or free ship/returns (or at least no free ship/returns in the past). If I find a code or coupon that *does* allow free shipping and/or returns, you better believe I will let you all know!

ALSO--I NOTICED SOME OF BODEN'S LINKS ARE BAD.  If you wouldn't mind, if you see any, would you put it in the comments so I can see if I can fix them? 

Downtown Heels
Downtown heels.  I am set to get photos of these IRL today.  I will review them in this post as soon as I can.  :)

Casual Moccasins
Casual Moccasins. Polly does a review of these cute shoes here.

Sixties Sandals
Sixties Sandals. Polly does a written review of these in this post.

Slingback Clogs
Slingback Clogs. Fiona wore the animal print version here, and does a great review here. You can read Kitty Witty’s review of these clogs in this post (near the bottom).

Calypso Wedges
Calypso Wedges. Holly has a written review of these shoes about halfway down in this post.

Strappy Gladiators
Strappy Gladiators. Polly does a fab review of them here, and I reviewed them in this post.

Happy (Sale) Shopping!