Friday, July 20, 2012

Boden: Autumn 2012 Launch, Kind Of?

Pulled this from my folder called "Boden Fall 2012," since we can't actually see the pretty for ourselves just yet.
Update 8:07 am (Pacific time): You can view the new styles properly over at the UK site.  To get to the UK site, find the flag icon at the top of the USA page and click on the Union Jack flag, which will bring you to the UK site. To switch back to the US site, do the same thing, but click on the Stars and Stripes instead.  ;)  (Of course I just tried this but can't view the site in Firefox.  Off to try Explorer.)

So I am still on east coast time, thanks to a sweet little baby named Angus who doesn't really give one rat's patooty that "time zones" exist, and since I had to get up early to feed him this morning, I figured I would be all ready for the rollout of Boden's fall 2012 line.

Yeah, not so much as it turns out.

If it is 7:30 am here in California, that means it is 10:30 am back home, and 3:30 pm in the UK.  None of the sites (,, etc.) have updated, instead they are showing the "up to 70% off" sale banner on the front page.

However, I did read that you can go to Boden and search (through the search box at the top of the page) "women," "men," "girl," and "boy" to at least see what the offerings were for the new fall season.  (Thank you Boden fanatics over at Facebook!)

I did try that and it did work, HOWEVER, when I attempted to open up an item page to see the clothing up closer (cute printed easy dress for girls, for instance), I was met with the sale page for the girls instead.

So this must mean...the update is going to happen soon; but maybe not now; and at least we have some photos to look at in the meantime (especially helpful if you didn't get a chance to see the preview when it was up or are really excited to see what is on offer for mini Boden, Johnnie b, and Boden for men).

The links in my sidebar still work, and hopefully will switch over to a "fall" themed one when the site goes live with new arrivals (often happens without me knowing it and usually has a coupon code attached to it).

If you are on a mobile site, I don't know if this tactic will work, but I do know that you can switch to the full site from the mobile Boden page (it is at the bottom of their mobile home page), where you can do the search that I described above.

Below is a direct link to Boden for those of you on a mobile device:
Great clothing for men, women, and children

P.S. Since I am away for part of the day (in and out visiting folks), if you do see the autumn site go live, would you mind commenting back here?  Thanks in advance!  :)