Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD: SAHM, Sequins, Fedora, and a Maxi.

Hi, everyone!

After writing last night's post, I expected that I could get this post done by mid-morning today.  Then life (read: kids, doctor's appointments, errands, etc.) happened.  I didn't have a blog the last time I had a wee newborn, and even then, I didn't have two toddlers on hand whose every last need was my responsibility.  ;)  So I take it as I can, but it does sort of get frustrating that I can't keep my favorite hobby up to the extent that I would like. 

Having said all that, I won't get this time back with my kids, so in the world of priorities, clearly spending as much *quality* time as I can with them will always be number one.

Anyhow, I now have a few brief moments, and will at least get this outfit post published.

I had thought I would wear this particular outfit in California, but the night that I had planned to wear it, I decided to be lazy (it was on day 8 of the vacation) and stay at the hotel with Angus and watch four hours (!!!) of National Geographic channel while feeding him and me (yummy hotel food--and yummy hotel mojito).

The day after we got home (amazingly, if you didn't read it in the last post, we nearly, and I mean NEARLY, missed the flight) I had a Whole Foods date with a good friend of mine, so I decided that this had just enough casual dressy to work for the occasion.

Whole Foods here has a Wines-day event every Wednesday, and for $5 you receive a wine glass, five separate tastings of wine and small samples of a food pairing.  It was awesome, and my friend and I have plans to do this at least once a month or more (I may try to make it every week).  This week was Pinot Grigio week, so I was in heaven, as this is one of my most favorite types of wine.  Plus it was super hot outside, and the pinot was very light and fresh.

Skirt: Boden Swishy Maxi SkirtFirst reviewed by me here.  I wanted to make this outfit a bit more conservative and more California casual, so I decided to go with a fuller sequined tee, the fedora, and a very "now" white clutch.  The navy skirt is barely on sale (only $15 off full price), but the other colors are priced to sell.
Top: J. Crew Sample.  I wore it last here.  Definitely a different look this time, but sadly I still have an additional 10 pounds around my upper hips, so those green shorts are not happening right now.  
Hat: J. Crew Factory.  I wear this hat constantly in summer.
Clutch: Anthropologie Malmo Shoulder Bag.  I bought this on ridiculous super sale.  I had it in my shopping bag waiting for a good sale, and I nearly forgot about it...and one day I opened the shopping bag up and saw that this near $300 purse went on sale for $30.  It is full grain leather, nicely lined, and with a pretty closure (you can see a close-up in the bottom photo).

The clutch isn't really a clutch, but you can easily hide the strap in the back portion of the bag.

I wore this outfit with a pair of sandals from the Loft.  I am stoked that this skirt is *just* long enough to cover my feet except when walking...most maxis are too short for me, so if you are a taller lady, definitely consider this skirt if you want to have a true maxi.

Detail shot of the makeup, hair, hat, and a tremendous number or sequins.  ;)

Detail shot of the closure on the bag.  LOVE.

Sequins, Swishy, and Swank.

Above is the polyvore.

You all have a great afternoon.  Maybe, with any luck, I can get around to answering questions left for me in the comments.  Maybe.  ;)