Monday, December 31, 2012

Boden: Fall/Winter 2012 Clearance Time! Yay!

Yum. I like the sound of 70% off.
Okay, it's here, so I am not going to jibber-jabber on...but if you were looking at something from Boden, but were hoping to wait until they went to the lowest price, that price is here.  I had actually been looking at two items (plus a tee for my son), and both were dramatically reduced today.  Woo!

Anyhow, if you are on a mobile device, here is a direct link to Boden so you can get your happy (sale) shopping on...

Metallic Lace Pencil Skirt
I have many picks from this sale, but I think the metallic lace pencil skirt is a great deal at $44.  I had wanted this skirt all season, but because I would only wear this skirt once or twice a year, I needed to grab it at the lowest price possible for a better cost per wear.  That $44 seems reasonable.  I checked the measurements (and reviews) and it seems the 10 is the best fit for my body.

Paisley Print Dress
I also will publish photos of me wearing the Paisley Print dress today (with my picks from what is left of the sale after the crazy Boden fans have their way with the clearance), but just in case you might want that, let me do a quick review.  I bought the size 8 and it fits great through the hips but a bit loose through the torso.  It doesn't look bad, though, in fact, the way the bodice is shaped helps even out my pear shape.  The print also helps to do that, even though I thought a busy print on bottom would enhance my hips. 

I wore control top tights with it for my lumps and bumps and it was very comfortable.  The colors in the thunder paisley are grey, teal blue, orange, brown, and white, so I wore teal colored tights and a pair of dark brown wedge boots.

Do you all have any favorites from what is in the clearance?  Do share in the comments!!! :)