Sunday, December 16, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Before the Sale.

UPDATE, 12:07 pm. US site is live and running the sale.  There is a direct link to the sale in the sidebar and at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!

As you may have read in the post that I just published (on how the Boden site is down), I clearly had meant to publish this post yesterday in preparation for the sale that I assumed would be today.

Unfortunately my bout with mastitis threw my plans into a big ole trashcan, and I am now having to publish this post right around the time the sale starts (which should be about noon, maybe even a little before).

I will try to come back to this post and re-do it with all of my blog friends' reviews, but that may be later today.  I wish I had the energy to put a whole lot of time into this post, but if you have ever had mastitis, you will understand why I can only string together a few sentences, and feel like I have run a marathon.

Anyhow, here is the "not quite done" BWRR.

Regular Boden:
LouLou Dress.  Size 6 Long.  I saw this on a few of my blog friends and on one of the staffers at Boden (from their Boden blog and here on Facebook), so I knew that this could potentially be a good choice for my body type, but I was holding off until I actually got it on me to decide if it was a keeper.

I almost went with an 8 Long since I had read that the dress was pullover and may be a struggle to get over my head, but I looked at the measurements and decided to give the 6 a try.  This was the right call since the 8 would have been too baggy everywhere, which would have looked a bit dumpy and not the cute "fit and flare" that you see on the 6.

I could have worn this outfit for much longer than I did.  I wore it to go to church last week, and if I had fallen asleep in it, I would have been comfortable. 

The material is the same type as the polo shirts we have here in the States, very much like this dress that I also own and love to bits.

The belt is necessary.  I think I could have gone without, but it wouldn't look as polished, so I am glad that I chose the accent.

Close up of the fabric and the belt.

Loulou Dress
LouLou Dress.  Last I checked this dress is popular and is selling well.  I don't anticipate there being a big discount on this one, but since the UK site is up and running, I can see that my hunch is right...the dress is only marked down about 16 pounds (around 28 dollars).  I am not in the least upset with the price I bought this one at, then, and encourage all of you who think you would be flattered by the shape to splurge on it.  ;) 

Lavish T-shirt
Lavish T-Shirt. Worn here with the crazy pants!  CC, my blog friend, also wrote about her experience with this top in the comments section, so scroll down to read more on that.

Scoop Tunic Dress
Scoop Tunic Dress. Worn for a preschool field trip.  :)

Sarah Dress
Sarah Dress. Lovely dress for going out with the family. 

Swishy Jersey Skirt
Swishy Jersey Skirt.  I wore this to go see Santa with the kids.  This outfit is possibly one of my favorites that I have ever worn. 

Embellished Cardigan
Embellished Cardigan.  I placed this cardigan over a very preppy look.  It worked in that context, so don't think of it merely as a party piece.

Boden Limited Edition:
Vintage Ponte Dress
Vintage Ponte Dress.  Dressed this up with the intention of making it less party ready and more casual. 

Johnnie b.:
Fun Knitted "Dress." (Dress, my bottom.  If you're 5'3".)  I never intended this sweater to be anything other than a tunic.  This is a size large, and I am very glad I chose that size.

I definitely liked this outfit from yesterday (worn to go to Rex's swim class and the coffee shop), but I now realize that my burgundy leggings would have been a better choice.  Guess when I found my burgundy leggings?  Yep.  After I got home. 

Cute cute critter.  Since critters are everywhere this season (and I am obviously a sucker for them), I wanted a critter sweater that was a bit different.  As much as I love my French hen sweater, that particular one is everywhere, a bit like the bubble necklaces.  So if you are interested in something that is not everywhere, this may be a good choice.

Close up of the knitted fabric and detail of the stitching.

Love the colors, and am glad this came in this shade of blue.  Sometimes blue looks terrible on me, so I give a little shout of joy if any item comes in this particular bright, clear shade of blue (I am a "Spring" color, so I need bright and clear).

Look at us at the swimming pool.  So photogenic.  :)  CW is wearing a mini Boden dress that I can't locate because the UK site is down again.  I will redo this sentence when I get a chance and the site is live.

Fun Knitted Dress
Fun Knitted Dress. The dress you see in the stock photo is all gone, but there are plenty of the pheasant critter version available.

Sparkly Graphic T-shirt
Sparkly Graphic T-Shirt. If you like your critters printed, French, wearing a beret, and on a yellow background, then this one might be for you.  :)

Pretty Cardigan
Pretty Cardigan. Love this very soft, versatile, and comfortable cardigan.

As promised, here are some links to my blog friends and their blogs and/or specific posts.  I hope to get their reviews integrated into this BWRR more officially and formally later today, but it definitely won't be this morning.

Shopping with M: She did a multi-review of many Boden items here at this blog post.

Egyptomaniac the Shopping Maniac: She did a review on the Alpaca wrap in one of her daily outfit posts.  

Poppy's Style: Lots of cute outfits worn with Boden items over at her blog.  There are reviews in some blog posts, too.

What Lou Wore 365: Louise is prolific and manages to get her outfits published daily, like a proper Personal Style blogger.  ;)  She features many many Boden items. 

Okay, all, that's it.  I am sure I will be talking with you all soon, but do bear with me if I can't get to your questions right away (if you have any, of course).  :)

Below is a direct link to the sale.  Please note that the first day of the clearance sale is always nuts, so if the site goes down, try again.