Friday, December 28, 2012

OOTDs: Festive. Four. Five. Six.

Festive. One. Two. Three. is right here if you want to see more festivity in the form of outfits.  :)

Since I am a bit pressed for time, and would like to catch up on a whole bunch of laundry tonight, I am going to throw the photos at you all and be brief (as much as I can be) in my copy.

I wore this creamy/tweedy/sequined ensemble to go to my hubby's work party (but not the "big" work party they have had every year--here is what I wore to last year's).  The 'big" work party has been moved to April, so I will be getting my cocktail frock on then.  This is the more laid back, "let's have some fun at his boss's house" party.

The Glamour Tweed Skirt is a re-do, I initially had bought the size 6 Long, when the 8 Long was really the size I needed.  I am pleased with the 8, it definitely fits better, however, I still wish this skirt was a touch longer, but I am always saying that.

The Sixties Heels have gotten a workout this holiday season, the lower heel plus all leather construction have really been nice for looking good but allowing me to be comfortable, too.

The Silk Flutter Sleeve top is from Madewell in a size small.  I was able to grab this when they were having a 40% off favorites sale.  Worth the sale price, may even be worth full price since the silk is thick and lovely and the lace is intricate and nicely made.

The Ciel Etoile cardigan is from years ago.

Detail of the Silk Flutter Sleeve Top and the Arrowstack necklace.  This necklace was my only nod to my somewhat love affair with being a hipster.

Detail of makeup and hair.  I have been trying the "moisturizer" as hair serum and it seems to be working.  Definitely way less flyaways.  However, I also find that if I don't use conditioner on my bangs, that helps, too.  So thank you to the commenter who suggested moisturizer.  :)

Color is off, but those details make the top and cardigan extra special.

I was not allowed to actually bowl on the day of our holiday bowling party*, but I was allowed to party, so I got the bling on. 

*Thanks, mastitis.

Loft really is great at basics that are pumped up a bit.  I don't expect their clothing to last forever, but if I like a style, but have no desire to spend a lot of money on it, I look for it at Loft and wait until they have one of their (seemingly constant) 50% off sales.  I am a freak about paillettes, since I think they are always on the precipice of falling off my clothing, but since this tee was super cheap, if one or two fall off, it won't bug me at all.  (I bought a petite small--fits my short torso exactly right.)

Rest of the outfit is super old.  :)

Liked my makeup and hair that day, but I can tell that I was tired.  I may be genetically predisposed to eye bags (thanks, mom and dad), but this photo shows that my bags have their own carry-ons.

The necklace is from Boden and received a ton of compliments.  I tend to only wear this necklace in the winter, it really suits the deep rich colors that come out during the colder months.

Big red Andie bag and the wool blazecoat top off this outfit.

Sunday mass right before Christmas.

I had purchased this silk pleat skirt in crimson floral last winter, but since I couldn't wear it then, I carefully stored it, crossing my fingers that it would fit this winter.  :)  It is a close fit, but it fits.

The Loft necklace may be my favorite from them, this whole year.  Purchased at the same time as the evergreen paillette tee above, I was able to buy this amazing statement necklace for around $25.  I think this one is all sold out now.  I can see why.

Hey!  Look.  It's my big red Andie bag.  Again. I promise to put it away at the new year.  ;)

Skirt has pockets.  Thank you, J. Crew.  Now...if you could only make a dress in this print in a better dress for us tall gals, I would love ya forever.

ALSO, I wore the gold knit cardigan over this top because I had to wear this bra that night (playing peek-a-boo there under my tee).  Gotta be appropriate at church.  ;)

Topped the whole outfit with the Lucinda stadium cloth coat in ivory.  Very warm.  Yum.

Detail of the necklace and tee's lace.

There are more festive frocks coming soon...

Have a great Friday night!