Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Not as Planned.

Good morning!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far.  :)

If you have "liked" my facebook page, you have already had a sneak peek of today's two reviews.  I am adding extra bits to these reviews, but I must say I am quite enjoying updating my FB page nearly every day.  I don't need to add a lot of text, can just drop the photos and go.  It is here at the blog where I put the proverbial meat (the writing) and potatoes (the extra photos that don't get published on FB), but I do like being able to give a bit of an appetizer over at the FB page. 

Alright, I am done killing that metaphor...

There are no real great sales going on right now, but you can get 10% off and free ship and returns through the coupon in my sidebar (especially useful for clearance items which do not receive the 10% off but do need the coupon for the free ship and returns).

There are 15% off coupons circulating right now, and I would say go for those if you can.  I don't know when they expire, but I did receive word from a blog friend of mine, Sara C., (in Tuesday's pencil skirt post) that you can use this code W32N in the shopping bag page to receive 15% off and free ship and returns.  I just tried it and it worked, so have fun.  :)  (But do let me know if it stops working!)

Onto the reviews...

Boden for Women:
Glamour Tweed Pencil Skirt.  Size 6 Long.

Oh, how I love thee.  And, oh, how I hate thee.

I tried this skirt on as I wanted to see if this lovely, classic, slightly glimmery skirt would look good on me.  And it did.  From the front and the back. 

And it fit, too.  But then it didn't (more on that soon).

If you only glance at my blog, and then drop comments, I would expect to read, "oh, dina, how I love this first outfit on you, so cute!"

And, yes, this first photo is rather nice, the Madewell sweater (meerkats--love meerkats!) working perfectly with the skirt, tights, and heels.

But the sweater is holding a secret...the pouf that will not die.

You see the pouf here, but barely.  What this shot shows is that the waist fits, the length is good, and the hips fit...BUT...

when viewed from the side it becomes apparent that the pouf that spreads like a virus from the waistband is too prominent.

It is clear that although the skirt fits, the skirt needs to be exchanged for the next size up because then the pouf will lay flatter, as it does in the product shot on the product page (not the one of the model next to a car in a field, but the ones taken in a studio).

From the back.  Again, nothing wrong here.

I will say this...I am in no way mad that I have to size to an 8 long, I normally wear that size in Boden.  However, the measurements on-line had me believing the 6 long should have fit better than they did.  It is frustrating to wait for a garment to arrive, try it on, and find it needs to be returned or exchanged, but that is what we all know and have dealt with in our quest to own Boden clothing.

Anyhow, I am glad I was able to do this review.  I think if you are a pear shape like me and hold your weight in your hips and thighs, size up from what the measurements on-line say, OR just ignore the measurements and get what you would normally buy from Boden.

If you are not pear-shaped, then you likely will be able to size down.

Glamour Tweed Skirt
Glamour Tweed Skirt.  (You can click on the photos now, the affiliate program updated their catalog!)

This skirt only comes in this color and is fully stocked.  If you see yourself wearing it before October, buy it now.  Otherwise you can probably wait until a better discount comes along (like a 20% to 25% off).

I suspect this is a limited edition piece.  I read on Boden's facebook page that they are incorporating the limited line throughout the regular line, rather than having it be its own thing.  I think if a dress is nearing the 200 mark and a skirt is in the low 100s, and they are made from silk or a fancy tweed, they are likely limited.

Alexa Dress.  Size 8 regular.

I didn't have the measurements for this dress, so I went with an 8 because of the clingy nature of the skirt. 

I had to wear shaping tights to keep the bulges from showing, but I have to do that with any sweater dress or skirt I own.  The dress is very clingy, but not tight, if that makes sense.

The front view is very lovely, I like the length of the skirt, plenty long enough for me at 5'8" in the regular size, and I also appreciate the demarcation of the lighter top from the darker grey skirt, which is visually slimming for my lower half.

I feel very retro and mod in this dress, but it definitely looks somber with darker accessories.

I would likely wear a combo just like this to work or church, but if I wear to be heading out with my hubby for a date in this, I would wear lighter tights, brighter shoes and definitely some colorful bracelets, necklace, or earrings.

From the side.  I am wearing a bra with a little bit of padding (rarely do this, but this dress was crying out for me to do so).  Even with a bit of baby weight in my midsection, I felt good, like this little bit of belly curve was just that, curves, versus "ugh, must hide in closet for six months."

From the back.  I like that the lighter color on top makes my shoulders look a bit broader.

Alexa Dress
Alexa Dress.  This one comes in a lot of different colors, all very lovely, although the black will likely be very serious.  I say go for the black if that's your thing, but the other colors are really intriguing and play up the top/skirt as dress thing nicely.

I don't think the crazier color combos will sell out quickly, but I think the black will.

Size up if you are nervous about it being tight, but I think 95% of women can go with their normal Boden sweater dress size.

Clearance Boden:
Beaded Embellished Tunic.  My good friend, Monica, recently received this tunic in the mail (on the slowest boat from England, apparently).  From what I understand, it is love. :)  And she got these two for a really good price, so I am very happy for her. :-)

Here is her review:

Both are a size 2, and I typically wear a size 0 or 00 in US sizing but I had no issues with the fit of the tunics. I got both colors as they looked equally pretty online and I wasn't sure if the pink tunic would wash me out. Online the pink version looks a bit more flesh toned, but I guarantee it's a sweet pale baby pink. I was hesitant to get this color because online it seemed that there were little splotches of highlighter yellow, but it's actually little kiwi-green colored flowers that aren't neon but still bright. The length on me was good, I am about 5'5" and both tunics are maybe 3 inches above the knee. The fit is also very flattering, it's not form fitting but it's also not shapeless. The beading is the same on both tunics and a couple of extra beads are attached on the tags. Though I'm sure you could easily find replacement beads at any craft store. The beads are pretty well secured and none came loose after I fiddled with the collars. Overall I'm so happy with my first Boden purchases. There are popbacks on all sizes all the time and I highly recommend these tunics, trust me you will not be disappointed.

Side by side comparison of the colors.

Detail of the embellishment.

Thanks, Monica!!!

Beaded Embellished Tunic
Beaded Embellished Tunic.  This one is nearly sold out, but it pops back a lot as it can be hard to size properly.  I definitely had to size up to a 10 in the one from last fall, and I can tell you that Monica is tee-tiny and the size 2 fits her well.  I know that Monica can rarely wear a size 2 in J. Crew and often has to buy 00 or 0 from them.  So remember that when buying this can run a bit small.

Okay, short and sweet today.  I know there are likely a lot of folks receiving their fall goodies from Boden as we speak, so I suspect the coming weeks these posts will be much longer!  (And remember, if you don't have your own blog, you can always e-mail me your comments and photos and I will happily publish your review.  dinagideon AT aim DOT com)

If you are on a mobile device, below is the current coupon from my affiliate program.  If you have your own code, you can enter it in the shopping bag page.  :)