Monday, August 13, 2012

California: Photos, Part One.

My camera's SD card conveniently finished its run right around California Adventure, which happened to be halfway through our vacation, so I can actually separate these posts into two distinct albums, part one (San Diego, Legoland, RV camping, and Disney's California Adventure), and part two (Disneyland, the beach, and the San Diego Zoo).

If you would prefer just to see my outfits, check out this post instead.  :)

However, if you really dig my kids and the hilarity that can ensue when two parents willingly take three children under 6 on a cross-country trip, well then...


CW is easy to please on a plane.  All she needs are crayons and coloring books.

Rex is even easier to tame.  All he needs is my kindle fire and Angry Birds Space.

Gus is flying while flying.  My mind is blown.  ;)

Our second day in California included a trip to the San Diego Botanical Gardens.  There was a insect fair going on.  For some reason, Yoda welcomed us.  I don't get it, and neither does Mr. Dina.

I had just eaten an Old Bay seasoned cooked mealworm.  It was really tasty.  :)  I was impressed that they used a Maryland spice to help make the mealworm even tastier.

Rex liked the mealworm, too.  CW did not partake.

This is Monica.  She is a blog friend.  She was the one that suggested we come to this fair because of the bug tasting.  Of course she would be enjoying the fare. 

You can't tell here, but we are both wearing modern red shorts.  She is also wearing a bug pin, which I appreciate, very appropriate for the occasion.  Angus doesn't care what he is wearing as long as he can gnaw on his bjorn (eck, he is teething, though, so I just have to wash the bjorn when I can).

Rex is slightly smaller than the snake.

I put the camera on its timer and got this shot.  There are the modern red shorts that I spoke of two shots back.

I am not making up a caption.  I am insisting that you blog friends make up one instead.  LOL.

This was on day three when we went to Legoland.  We are on a boat ride looking at Lego villages and cities.  It looks like Gus disappeared.  But he is there, at least his legs are.

I was beyond disturbed by this Lego.  Mr. Dina and Rex were very impressed, though.  You gotta love the joining of nerd fantasy one, Legos, and nerd fantasy two, Star Wars.

I only wish there were really palm trees at the Capitol.  It would have made working there so much better.  I also appreciate the lego ambulance.  I gather a Senator needed to be rushed for emergency care after spending too many hours in filibuster.

I got this shot of CW when we just hanging out waiting for Rex.  I love how the light captured just how hazel/yellow her eyes really are.

She also has a really pretty side view.

More than anything, this particular moment made CW's trip to Legoland worthwhile.  She *loves* pretty princesses.

Rex's first ride ever by himself!

I totally think that Mr. Dina looks like this knight.  He insists that it looks more like Russel Brand.  Who's right?  (Note--Mr. Dina is wearing white shoes.  LOL.)

Angus had no rides at Legoland outside of a handful.  This was even too big for him, but he still loved it.

Some nice little boy took this pic of Angus and me.

On day four and five, we joined my Aunt and her family at an RV campground in Menifee, CA.  I had no idea people willingly chose to live in that part of CA (very hot and dry).  Turns out that it was quite lovely, and the folks in the area were super nice.  This canal was fake, though.  It's rare to see that much water in one place in CA, especially desert southern CA.

Haha.  I adore this photo.

Last day there, I had coffee outside.  This bird came up to say hello...and then proceeded to stay next to me, then follow me, and then...

wait at the door of our cabin until he finally realized I wasn't going to be bringing him food.

Day five we went to California Adventure, which was built right next door to Disneyland a while back.  I had never gone because I always just want to go to Disneyland (I think I have been to Disneyland nearly 30 times), but then Mr. Dina suggested we go to both parks because he really wanted to see the Cars ride but also wanted to make sure we got to Small World.  We could have done that with a one day flex pass to both parks, but he decided not to kill us (wise move, btw).  Here CW and I are waiting for Mr. Dina and Rex to get the fast passes to the Cars ride.

After taking the above photo, we went and got a cappuccino for me.  CW posed like Hollie Hobbie while we were waiting.

And then, because we had even more time, we did another group self-portrait.  The cappuccino was really good.  ;)

Gaw.  Gus.

It's a family portrait that *almost* is perfect.  CW must love Hollie Hobbie.

Angus enjoyed this underwater version of a carousel.  I like the goldfish, especially.

You can't tell, but Mr. Dina is petrified.  This ferris wheel went really high, and Rex was all about making it move.

You can't tell here, either, but I am completely petrified, too.  I am clutching onto Gus like he is going to save me if something goes wrong.  The ladies to my left seemed so calm.  How in the world do people not get sick to their stomachs when presented with high heights and open air?  I mean, really!

CW has a boyfriend.

You could probably use this as an ad for Disneyland.  Even her tag is placed *just so*.

This is a train that takes you on a bugs-eye view of food.  The watermelon (very large) was my fave.

I know you all are SO envious of our super-chic eyewear right now.

Mr. Dina and I have a HUGE soft spot for the movie Monsters, Inc., partly because it came out when we were first married, but also because Boo reminds us so much of CW. 

Mealworms, Monster sushi?  I'll eat it all, yum.

Rex is actually really adept at balance and strength.  Maybe I will see what sports this means he would be good at...and don't say men's gymnastics.  He is likely going to be well over 6 feet tall and "sturdy."  Don't really see that as a great body type for the parallel bars.

We ended our night here, near Cars Land.  And with this photo, I bid you all good day, too!