Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Tassels and Roses.

Hi, all!  How is your Thursday?  :)

There is a lot in the review roundup today, so let's get started, shall we?

Before I begin, just a reminder that there is a week long sale (that ends Monday as far as I can tell) on some "Autumn Favorites."  I did a picks post with more information here.

Also, the winter preview is up.  For more on that, check out this post.  :)

Regular Boden:
Leather Loafers.  I wore these for the first time last Sunday, for our day out with the family (you can see the outfit at my Facebook page).

I bought these in a size 40, which is one size down from my usual 41.  Boden's shoes run large and long on me, and these were definitely in that camp, so I am really glad I didn't buy the size 41.  Even sizing down, the 40 was fairly wide, but nothing that I couldn't work with.

The loafers are all leather construction, and the tassels look very classic preppy.  I wear my Cole Haan loafers to death, so it is really nice to have an additional pair of classic loafers in my closet.

I did get some blisters on my heels, but that is my fault for wearing them in the summer with no socks the very first time I wore them.  I think until they are worn in completely, I will need to wear socks, but by the fourth or fifth time I wear them, I should be able to go sock-less again (very preppy, yes?).

Leather Loafers
Leather Loafers.  Also comes in a dark fig patent, a mid-brown matte leather, and a black matter leather.

Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress.  Shopwithm published a very thorough review of this dress and gave us lots of cute styling options!  :)

Swishy Jersey Skirt
Swishy Jersey Skirt.  ShOpeRach does a review of this adorable polka-dotted skirt for us.  I am especially appreciative, as this was on my "wish list."

Martha Dress
Martha Dress.  ShOpeRach looks so pretty in this dress, I hope she does find it in the perfect size for her! 

mini Boden:
Hotchpotch Jersey Dress.  CW is wearing the size 4-5 here.  I knew this would fit just fine because she has the summer version of this dress.  This dress is beyond adorable on a little one, and is currently part of the autumn favorites sale, so it is 20% off.  The cotton is thick and the print is really special. 

I did not, for the record, put on her shoes and socks.  She did.  ;)

Hotchpotch Jersey Dress
Hotchpotch Jersey Dress.  This comes in other colors, but I definitely prefer the London printed version.

Clearance Boden:
Rose Coat.  I did a written review of this coat for the blog last BWRR, but I wanted to give you some photos to go along with the review.

Here it is opened, over a very terrible outfit, which was thrown on so I didn't photograph the coat with a pair of shorts and a tank. (I was closet cleaning my coat closet, and I wanted to photograph the coats so I could see which looked decent on me and which should be sold or donated--about 60% got to stay).

The coat is a size 6 and fits me just right.  Since I don't gain weight in my upper half, I don't need to size up because I am worried a five pound weight gain would make it unwearable.  (That's what my trousers are for--I am the size up queen in those!)

You can see a bit of the red lining between my jeans legs.

I like it closed, but it is a lot of look, even I will admit that.  If you are very petite, this coat will likely overwhelm your frame.

Back view.  It is nipped in below the bustline, not at the real waistline.  I don't mind this, I actually think empire waists flatter my body more often than real waistlines, but it may not work on your frame, just want to make sure I warn everyone of this fact, especially when the sale price is still $160!

The fabric is very special, I love the print, I love the colors, I love the mod styling.

Rose Coat
Rose Coat.  As of last night, a few sizes were still available.

Big Button Tunic
Big Button Tunic.  ShOpeRach shows off two separate (loudly printed, lol) colors of this tunic currently in the clearance section for $20.40 (!!!).  I love a loud print, but agree with her that these two might be a lot of pattern and print if big, bold colors aren't your thing.  :)

Effortless Cardigan
Stripy Tunic
Effortless Cardigan and Stripy Tunic.  Poppy's Style wears this irresistible pair for a lovely casual look on the day before her birthday (make sure you visit her blog and give her some belated bday wishes!!!).  :)

I have a couple of questions/news for you all before you go:

1. I went through the J. Crew new arrivals this morning, and wow, they have some pretty on offer.  HOWEVER, their prices are so high.  I know Boden has a bad rap for being more high priced than other companies, but in my opinion, when you couple the quality of Boden (all leather shoes, for instance) with constant discounts, I would far prefer to spend my money at Boden than J. Crew.  I still buy quite a lot from J. Crew, but I have to say, I am not really able to get much anymore because their start prices are super high, and even on sale, I am reluctant to buy because I am fairly sure the quality may not be as high as I need it to be for the sale price.  What are your feelings on this?

2. I was approached by Pure Collection a while back to be part of their affiliate program.  I don't just go and say "yes" to every company that wants to work with me, especially when I have never bought an item from them.  So most of the time, I don't affiliate with a company.  I also want to know that if I am working with a company, they have really high standards for their clothing, etc.  Anyhow, I decided to accept Pure Collection after thinking about it for a few months because I *do* think they are high quality, well made, and decently priced (for what they offer--sustainable cashmere is one type of fabric they use).  I have a piece or two from them, and they have lasted for a long time, so I can stand behind the items I have received.  I don't know to what extent I will be doing reviews for them, but I do know that I will have access to coupons and sale info, so when I hear from them, I will make sure to update my sidebar and make note of it in a post.  So, to end the long story (sorry!), if you are a Pure Collection fan, be on the lookout for the new bits on my blog!

Here is a quick affiliate link, just to make sure the link is working.  BTW, today is the launch date preview of some of their autumn season, so good timing, I guess!!! :)  (Just received an e-mail from Pure itself, not the affiliate, and this code: PREVAW will get you 25% off and free returns.)

Shop at Pure Collection

Okay, ladies, that's all.  If I forgot your review, would you mind letting me know?  I will definitely either put it in today's roundup or I will publish it next week if I see your comment after today.

For those of you on a mobile device, here is a coupon for 10% off and free ship and returns.  If you are partaking in the 20% off fall favorites sale, the 10% off won't apply, but the free ship and returns will.  :)