Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boden: Riviera Shirt Dress, Fall 2012 Styled in Summer.

Happy Wednesday! 

Normally today's post would be a Boden Weekly Review Roundup, but I will be honest and tell you all...I am totally not ready.  :)  The only reason I even have a review today is because Boden sent me this dress last week and I wore it the next day.

I have quite a few reviews ready to go from myself and all of my blog friends (either e-mailed to me or published on their blogs), so there is a Review Roundup in the works, just not today, friends.

Dress: Boden Riviera Shirt Dress, Size 6.  I did a pretty in-depth review of this dress here at this post, so go ahead and check that one out first as I don't have much to add to it. 

That said, there is one thing of note...I have not lost a tremendous amount of weight since wearing the spring version and in my opinion, the fall version is more loose throughout the shoulders and bodice.  It could just be this colorway, but it is also just as likely that the designers put in new instructions to give an extra little bit of room throughout the top half.  It wasn't anything ridiculous so I have no need to get a size 4, but do keep that in mind if you have the spring version and felt it was too big, in that case I would get a size down.

Bag: Gifted from my mother-in-law.  She found it somewhere in New Orleans.

Shoes: Bandolino.

Earrings: Anthropologie.
My new header (obvioulsy!).  I was torn.  As much as I loved the "avant-garde" Dina in the last header, I also know that changing things up every once in a while is not a bad idea.  I will be placing the old header image in my sidebar (like I have done with past ones), if you have any desire to see it still.

From the side.  I was heading out to see my dad playing a professor in the Legally Blonde musical that was playing at a local theater.  He was so excited to have my brother and I come out, but I only got to see act one because of dear tiny little Angus.  He was asleep for act one, but woke up during the intermission, so that took away my ability to see act two.  Ah, well, such is my life.

And the back.  From here you can see how the bodice has a bit of extra fabric through the lower shoulder area, which doesn't bother me, but may be excessive if you are especially tiny in your torso.

And the close-up of the fabric, earrings, makeup, and hair.  I adore the vintage look to the print, but just like the one from the spring, it is a LARGE scale floral and may be too large if you are small.  Fortunately it comes in many colorways, so it is likely that you can find one to work for you if you like the look of this dress.

Okay, all, that's it.  

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