Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boden: Winter 2012 Picks!

I am finally able to write this post!  Three kids/exhausting errands and activity schedule/nursing baby makes for a lot less time to stay up with the blog.  ;)

I am going to keep my comments short and sweet, but please don't forget, the 20% off with free ship and returns ends at 11:59 pm on August 24, 2012 (this Friday night).  To get the 20% off, visit the preview site (here) and click on the link that says "20% off all preview orders" at the main page.

Here are some of my favorites from this smaller rollout (well, in comparison to what they rolled out during the Autumn preview).  Do you agree or do you have other favorites you would like to share?

Bow Front Blouse.  The only drawback I see to this pretty blouse is that it is made from viscose rather than silk.  I guess that is why it is $98 instead of $128, but still, I would have likely gone for the silk (with the 20% off) knowing that a dotted bow shirt would be in my closet for the long haul.  I will wait this one out, but if it makes it to clearance (or 40% off), this shall be mine in one of the color variations (there are four of them).

Broderie Top Dress.  I am so grateful to Stephanie for pointing out this frock to me back when I first announced that the Winter Preview was up.  It is a beautiful dress with retro styling.  I can't decide my favorite, is it the lace top with sheer sleeves, or do I prefer the pencil skirt made from heavy silk?  This dress is quite pricey, but I bet this is from the Limited Edition line (even if they are no longer using that name in their collections).

Collared Tunic.  Something about the styling of this tunic appeals to me.  I don't know that I am in the market for a heavy sweater-knit "not quite a dress" tunic, but I do think if you are the right height and body shape, this could have people stopping you in the street asking "where did you get that dress?"

Fitted Ponte Dress.  This is for sure one of the items I will be purchasing from the preview.  As much as I love a lot of what I see, for the most part, I either have it in some incarnation (I am looking at you sequinned top) or is not especially practical for my lifestyle (Stella Jacket, you pretty, wispy, chiffony jacket, you!).  This dress will work for me because of its understated elegance, going from preschool run to church to dinner out with Mr. Dina very easily.  Plus it has polka dots for you polka dot fans!

Jewelled Flower Pump.  The combo of all leather construction, over the top flower embellishment, and flats make me salivate.  Again, not a necessary in my wardrobe (really nothing is these days outside of a nursing cami), but if these delicious "pumps" make it to clearance, I will make a nice home for them.

Laptop Sleeve.  Okay, this could be called "necessary."  I like for my expensive laptop to have good protection...after all, I spend hours each week working on this here blog from my laptop, and I thank Boden for thinking of my fourth "baby" when planning out this collection.  :)

Mia Dress.  This catalog shot is dreamy.  I must say, pairing the Sixties Heels with a jewelled collared festive dress, and then placing pretty model with hand gently caressing her perfect hair just so atop a "rumpled" enough bed evokes hints of a New Year's Party on offer.

Off Duty Jumper.  I have a turtleneck poncho just like this from Pure Collection in a light grey color (here is a stock photo).  I wear mine to death when I am traveling.  This version from Boden is not 100% cashmere, but because of that, it is also not above $200.  There are four colors for sale, including a...light grey color.  Guess which color I think people should get?

Sequinned Blazer.  Oh, how lovely.  I must say this does not look like the same company that created this catalog image years ago.  Johnnie and co. are growing up.

Sequinned Dress.  Oh, woah.  I have no clue if my hips could actually fit into this dress, and they don't have the garment measurements up for me to know, but once the reviews start rolling in AND it seems that I could have a go at it, I might just...have a go at it. 

Sixties Coat.  I just sold my white coat as it is too big and doesn't work for me anymore.  I think there is something very chic about a white coat tailored exactly right for winter's explorations.  Just not in a blizzard or an avalanche...of course, they'll never find you if you sport it then.

Wool Skater Skirt.  I had a skirt just like this from J. Crew in 1995.  I wore it until the moths got to it in 1999.  I have never found a decent replacement (J. Crew makes a great pencil skirt, but it seems they could give a rat's patooty about an a-line shape wool skirt, at least not in the last ten years or so).  I think my long quest has now ended.  It is like finding the ring in the Lord of the Rings.

Okay, that's it!!!  Don't forget to let us know what your picks are!