Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OOTD: Putting a Bird on It, Sequin Style.

Hi, all!

We're home today, even though I was *supposed* to be running around doing about a billion errands and getting the kids to school and back.  Last night was Rex's pageant at the school (Nativity pageant) and while it was theoretically enjoyable, I found I was a bit less than enthused.  Between the crowds of crowing and over-enthusiastic parents waving animatedly to their children many many rows away on the altar (was at the church) and the supremely loud conversation right next to my ears between woman a and woman b, I found I was getting aggravated.  Which I knew RIGHT AWAY meant I was coming down with something...my hubby makes fun of my ability to be patient with all irritations (he gets annoyed by everything, everyday), but I couldn't handle it all last night.  I felt crotchety because of the cacophony.

Anyhow, I am home trying to get over my achy, sore throaty, blegh something or another so I can go to the next "helicopter parent party" with a bit less "put upon dinagideon" attitude.  (There are at least fifteen more in the next two weeks--these schools these days, heartily celebrating over-involvement!)

Before I got all Surly Sue last night, I went out with CW to a playdate at one of my bowling friend's house.  She is like me...definitely the spring chickens of the bowling league.  She, like me, is far from the best of the bowlers, so we have a lot in common and a whole lot to talk about.  Her daughter is only 2 years older than CW, so they were able to draw, dance, and do princess play stuff while her mom and I talked about "mom" stuff. :)

I felt good in my outfit.  The bits together were comfy and the overall aesthetic is something I hope to replicate more often.

The bag and the pants are no longer available from Boden, but the Embellished cardigan is (I did a review here).

The Lands' End Blakely Riding boots are AMAZING and had I been told that I would ever think a pair of light caramel colored riding boots would work in my wardrobe, I would have given the side eye.  I figured I would limit my boots to black, brown, and grey.  However, since becoming a SAHM, I really get why so many of us have so many darn boots, they look great and feel great too.

The sequin bird tee by J. Crew is more lovely than I expected it to be.  I sometimes find that their sequined tees are lacking in some way, either the knit fabric is too thin (hole-prone) or the embellishments are not nearly well-secured enough.  This time, the tee is exactly right, a good thick cotton with sequins that will stay on the garment.

One thing, though, and you can definitely see it here, the top runs short.  I have a short torso, so it barely bothered me, but if you have a longer torso, this one may be too short, even if you size up.  (I think the one the model is wearing is longer, but isn't that just like a clothing company, making an item exactly the right length for the model?)

I purchased this tee in an extra-small and it fits fine, with no gaping, bagging, or pulling.  I also like where the sleeves end, but if that is one of your problem areas, take note.

From the side.  The Blakeley Riding Boots are fairly plain overall, but have a bit of detailing at the ankle.  I love how high they are, hitting right under my kneecap.  It is rare for a boot to hit that high on me.  In fact, the only reason I purchased these is because one of the reviews on the Lands' End site mentioned that these boots were perfect for the reviewer, one of the few boots she has ever purchased that was tall enough for her height.  (I had been mulling a purchase of boots at Long Tall Sally, but their prices were prohibitive, these boots were bought when Lands' End last had a 40% off sale.)

Makeup looked okay, and I like how the earrings "go" with the top.  My hair was a bit scraggly.  I find my hair looks worst the first day I wash it, but by the third day post-wash it looks awesome.  Any quick (emphasis on that word, please) ideas on how to get the bangs to look less fly away and stringy the day I wash my hair?

Pretty, non-twee "bird on it."

Detailing of the boots.

Speaking of Lands' End, this seems to be the month of promos (well, I gather that's true everywhere).  Today and tomorrow, they are offering $40 off $100 (with free ship). 
Lands' End 40off100

Any of you out there own this pretty sequin bird tee?  Thoughts?

Talk with you all soon!