Monday, February 2, 2015

Boden: New Spring Items for 2015 in Today's Rollout!

Martha Dress--very pretty!

Okay, so I know Boden has been doing these mini rollouts for a couple of years now, but I still can't get used to this system.  I understand they want to be more "American," and appeal to a wider audience, but I so prefer the old rollouts of four per year, plus maybe an extra one for party wear at the holiday season.

But, eh, clearly it's working for them, so I just need to move on already.

There are lovely items to be had from today's rollout, and I *think* I remember seeing them in preview time, but they were not my cup of tea, so I think I glossed over them.  There are only a few that pique my interest now, but not enough to go and buy them, you know?  Maybe eventually, but not right now.

Anyhow, the affiliate has a 15% off with free ship promo going right now, and I have included that coupon at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar if you are interested.

Here are a few items that I think look worth a second look:

Martha Dress.  Like my beloved Notch Neck Dresses of the past (see here for an example of one of many in my closet), this is composed of a heavier weight cotton blend in bright, punchy colors and a fun print.  I kind of dig seeing Miss Mona, model extradonaire, in a "fun" dress.  LOL.  So editorial.

Alana Top.  This one is different than anything I have seen from them before, but they didn't try too hard to be someone they weren't in creating it, either.  Very pretty and great for multi-seasonal use.  It is a viscose woven, so maybe size up to keep away the creeping effects of washes (this fabric is notorious for shrinking).

Carmen Pant.  For those of you tired of skinny jeans and want a pair of full-legged trousers, Carmen is a great option.  It is a linen/cotton/elastane blend, so it should be a bit more wrinkle resistant than just 100% linen, but will be nice and cool in summer.  This pant would look awesome with the Alana top pictured above it. 

Here we have proof that Boden is trying to be "new" J. Crew and not "old school" J. Crew:

Skinny Minnie Pants.  For crying out loud, Boden, couldn't you have at least called your knock off Minnie/Pixie pants something other than Minnie?  Like maybe called them Fiona or Larissa or something?

Lara Heel.  I know these aren't the most "new" J. Crew looking items in the world, but these are a far cry from what Boden typically offers.  They're cute, but I have a pair just like these from J. Crew from four, maybe five years ago?

Proof that Boden is not trying to impersonate J. Crew, at all, unless it is J. Crew, circa 1987, on drugs:

Wendy Coat.  If I was named Wendy, I would be mighty ticked right now.  This is some explosion of Miami Vice pastel colors in a psychedelic version of a clown coat.  Wow.  Boden.  Wow. 

Actually, if I really REALLY REALLY wanted to emulate the fine men of Pink Floyd, circa 1968, I would buy this coat and tell people that was what I was trying to do.  I would keep the photo of them from that year in my dark navy pocket and pull it out to show people I wasn't completely insane.

Okay, that's all for now.  Thoughts?  Especially on the Wendy coat?  LOL.