Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Sunday Best.

I hope everyone is having a great night so far.  It's been a full day today, between swimming with the kids this early afternoon, writing up the first part of my Boden Autumn Preview 2012 picks, and going out with my gal C-Dub (we call CW that sometimes) for al fresco dinner at La Madeleine.

But I believe I can get in the review roundup before the night is through.  :)

We only have a couple of weeks until the clearance sale begins (likely around my bday--the first of July) but in typical Boden fashion, they are working hard to get your dollars BEFORE the clearance begins, and have started a new sale where everything is on sale. 

I mentioned the info in my post on the Riviera Shirt Dress (at the very bottom of the post), but I will re-mention the info at the bottom of this post as well, especially for those folks who are on their mobile devices reading this.

Alrighty, then, onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Notch Neck Shift Dress.  I have two versions of this from last year, so I knew exactly which size to get to fit me correctly.  I really liked this pattern and since it is so totally different from the other two, it doesn't even look like I own three of the same dress.  (Having said that I plan to sell one of them in the next year, though.  So be on the lookout if you like them!)

I entitled the post "Sunday Best" because the two frocks I have on display this week were worn to church for two separate reasons.  This frock was actually worn for the praising of the Lord, whereas the Riviera shirt dress was worn to bring Rex to the school attached to the church.

Front View.  Exact same fit as last year, with maybe an extra half-inch added to the underbust and bust (a lot of ladies complained last year it was too tight through there, so clearly they listened).

If I had to change one thing, I would change out the pink piping at the neckline and bust for a navy as I think it would visually be more appealing.

Those are the Uptown Heels that I did a review of here.  I love these.  They are really comfortable.  Boden makes wonderful high-heeled sandals.

Side view.  Love the length.  This is an 8 regular, and as I expected it hit just right above the knee.

Back view.  I don't mind that the pattern doesn't match up, but if I had bought this from a high end designer for a lot more money, I would be really irritated.

The fabric is a bit textured, again, like last year's.

Notch Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift Dress.  This one is on sale for an additional 35% off, which is a really good price.  I was happy to get it for 25% off, so if you like it AND you will wear it, the $80.60 is pretty nice.

Riviera Shirt Dress.  As I mentioned before, I took Rex to his school wearing this dress.  I loved it, felt great on and also happened to be the school's colors.  :)  (Use the link in the name of the dress, my affiliate program does not have this one in its database.)

Vintage Swimsuit.  I must be a crazy person to show this off to you all, but I figured, if the women in Miami can be proud of their bodies, regardless of their size or age (lots of cute older women wearing pretty short skirts, for instance), I can get out of my own head and just celebrate that I have curves and that this swimsuit really shows them off.  And thanks to the pleated cups, my smaller "ladies" look more medium.  LOL.  :)

I bought the size 6 and it fits wonderfully.  I definitely want to warn you all...if you have a longer torso and/or your bust is larger than a C cup, you may want to look elsewhere on the site for your suit or size up.  I read the other reviews and a lot of them say that this is a suit best suited for those with a smaller cup size and I would agree with that sentiment.

It also has a "firming" panel on the front side which does a help, even if only a teeny bit, to flatten a tummy.

CW does have a Boden swimsuit from last year, but that day she really wanted to wear her Costco Mermaid one instead.

Vintage Swimsuit
Vintage Swimsuit.  This one is 25% off, which was the price I paid for it a few months ago.

Twist Neck Tunic
Twist Neck Tunic.  Egyptomaniac made this (shortened) tunic shine by wearing it with white jeans and a hot pink cardi.  Very cute.  :)

Clearance Boden:
Perfect Jersey Dress
Perfect Jersey Dress.  Egyptomaniac is taking us on her cruise, and on her first day she wore this dress in Rome (where she was freezing!).  :)

Okay, so that's it for the reviews, but I do have that info for you on the sale they are running right now:

Over the weekend A WHOLE LOT of the items in the line went from being 15% off (which is my coupon offer in the side bar) to 30%  (even some 35%) off.  I was blown away.  Almost all Limited Edition items are at 30% off, and a smattering of regular items at that percentage off.  Everything else is between 15% off to 25% off, and as long as you have free shipping and returns (which you can get with my sidebar link--also at the bottom of this post), you are looking at some decent savings.

Here is my caveat--if your item is COMPLETELY 100% in stock, you might be able to hold off till clearance time and receive a better price.  If your item is pretty darn decently stocked, but some of the other sizes and colors are sold out/low stock, then you may want to think about getting it now, as the one you are looking out may be quick to sell out during clearance time.  If your item is low stock now, or is sold out and pop backs, you should buy it right now as it likely won't be around at clearance time (and likely won't even have that great of a sale price, anyhow, as Johnnie only deeply discounts things that aren't really moving).

Hope that helps you all!  :)

Here is a link for 15% off and free ship/returns (but for many of the items you will get more than 15% off):

Alrighty, hope all of you have a nice evening, and I will be back tomorrow with part two of my picks for the Autumn preview. :)

P.S. If I missed a review, would you mind e-mailing me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or commenting here with the link or the written review?