Friday, June 29, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: One More Before a Sale?

And just like that, Thursday disappeared on me.  ;)

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous weekend.  I know that the vast majority of people who read this blog have some sort of holiday next week, so if this is true, and you only tune in when you are at work (how cheeky!), then in advance I say, "Happy Canada Day," and "Happy Independence Day!"

I still have no clue when the Boden clearance sale is going to start, but it will not be today.  Today is the last day you can pick up items in the 40% off 40 sale going on (blogged about it here), so if anything in that sale is tempting to you and is low stock/popback, grab it now.  If there are full stocks, I say wait.

Last year the sale started on a Friday, July 1, 2011 (my bday, love you, too, Johnnie!).  Now clearly, I would be just fine if it started on Sunday this year, as it is my bday again, but I realize this isn't about me (although, Johnnie, if it is, thank you, again).

It will likely drop tomorrow, Sunday (the winter clearance started on a Sunday), or Monday.

So until then, I will tide you all over with one last Boden Weekly Review Roundup.  If the sale does drop this weekend, I will absolutely update this blog, but if for some reason I run into issues, here is a link to all published Roundups so you have a place to go to see items from this season's collection on real life people.

Regular Boden:
Floaty Jersey Dress.  I had this pattern in another dress (you can see me in it here), but it was getting too big, so I decided to offer that one up to the "for sale" gods, and buy this dress instead. 

I was heading off to eat French food with a groupon we had that was set to expire.  We brought the kids.  Which was fine...for the first hour of waiting.  When the dinner stretched to two hours, they got antsy, and Mr. Dina and I had to switch places, one of us would eat, then the other would go out and walk with Angus and one of the kids, and vice versa.  The restaurant was a bistro type place, so no worries on us bringing kids to a fancy pants place, but the service was so S-L-O-W. 

At least my dress was comfortable.

Front view.  This is a size 6 regular.  I love how the bust is enhanced by the v-neck and the empire waist.  Like my gal Egyptomaniac said when she reviewed this same dress (different color), it is an instant "boob job."

I paired it with the Uptown heels.  Once again, Boden's high heeled sandals are coming out to play.  :)

Side view.  The material is double-layered, with a silky soft lining and a thin lyocell outer layer.  The print is fun and the illusion it creates helps to enhance the curves where the curves should be enhanced.  I am not surprised many colors and sizes have sold out in this dress (yet it is 25% off, so still a decent amount off).

Back view.  The shirring at the waist in the back is a nice feature to help add interest.

Floaty Jersey Dress
Uptown Heels

Floaty Jersey Dress and Uptown Heels.

Kimono Dress
Kimono Dress.  Egyptomaniac wore this dress on her cruise when she was in Turkey.  She went to Turkey.  I am now officially jealous.  ;)  BTW, this one is one of the items in the 40% off 40 sale.

Must Have Jumper
Must Have Jumper and Long Sleeved Breton.  Poppy's Style is back home in the UK and has been showing us her good times on her blog (thank you, I am enjoying them all!).  One of her trips out and about she wore these two paired together.  :)

mini Boden (baby Boden):
baby Boden Surf Suit (on Angus) and mini Boden Surf Suit (last year's version on Rex).  I am that crazy mom you see at the pool liberally applying spf to every inch of her body and face.  It takes me a full five minutes to spray my entire body with the spf 70 (in the spray bottle) and then I apply spf 100 to my face (with the lotion).  If I did this with my kids, I would not get into the pool till 20 minutes later, SO I use the best solution of all, I make my kids wear surf suits, which are rated to spf 40+.  Thank goodness.

It covers all of their torso and their upper legs (and their kneecaps if they are on the smaller side of their size range).  It also has a mock-neck, so it covers the back of their necks, too.

Since Angus is still too little for spf, I put him in the floaty raft and put a full-coverage hat on him (this one is one I bought for Rex when he was this small), thereby allowing him to go without the spf.  Rex, however, can tolerate it, so I place the lotion on his face and ears, and then spray the bits of his body that are exposed (like his feet and hands).  CW (not pictured) gets the same treatment.  She has the girl's version of Rex's suit.

This one that Rex is wearing is a size 4-5 and was too large for him last year but fits him great this year.  He also fits into the one that was the 3-4 from last year, so I say go true to size, and know that there is a very good chance your kids can still wear it next year.  CW's one from last year is a size 2-3 and still fits her, so it is proven there, as well.

Angus is in a size 3-6 months and I definitely don't think he can wear it next year, but to me, the fact that they have a full coverage, high SPF suit for his age is all that matters.  And he can wear it all summer.  It also has the benefit of adding a bit of warmth as babies can get cold and shivery very quickly in the water.

Surf Suit
Surf Suit
Surf Suit
Surf Suit (baby top, girls middle, and boys on the bottom).

On the off chance that some of you may see a popback of an item you have been coveting and don't want to chance waiting for it to get to sale (and it isn't already reduced to another percentage off--i.e. 25% off, 30% off, etc.), below is the link running in my sidebar to receive 15% off and free ship and returns.

This link is also good to receive free ship and returns, even if you don't need the 15% off.

P.S. A quick reminder...when the clearance sale does drop, free ship and returns does not exist during the first few weeks.  So definitely remember that and try and buy all your sale items at once, since the regular shipping is 10 dollars and returns cost 7 dollars to mail (unless you kept a free return label from a past order).