Saturday, June 16, 2012

OOTD: Leftover Shorts Shots.

I have a love/hate affair with shorts.  I really truly love them in the middle of summer when it is so hot and gross that I don't want anything coming close to my skin, but then it (often) turns to hate when I discover that I like having longer pants and skirts on because I hate my legs sticking to the car seat and each other.  And linen shorts that are just linen?  They are of the devil because over the course of a day they will wrinkle to a point where the front of the shorts are substantially shorter than the back, making my wardrobe choice look ridiculous.

I also think someone should start a company where all they sell are tall shorts and skirts.  Almost all companies sell tall pants now, and many sell tall dresses, but almost no one sells tall shorts and skirts.  How often have I turned away from a cute pair of shorts solely because I knew that a pair would be too short, too tight, and far too low in the rise?  And no...I do not only want to wear walking (bermuda) shorts.  Skirts, too!  18.5 inches for a mini seems reasonable, 15 is not reasonable, it is nearly scandalous!  ;)

Onto my leftover shorts shots (I almost always get excited by my dress ootds, and always publish those fairly you can see, I even have a shorts shots in here from back when I was pregnant!)...

No tee ball gown that day!  I decided for one of Rex's recent tee ball games I would break out a pair of J. Crew wide stripe board shorts (size 10, I usually size up in shorter inseams).  The shorts were comfy and because they have some nylon (you can take them swimming, if you so desire), they didn't wrinkle.

I topped off the shorts with a blousy Anthro top from a bagizillion years ago, some Cole Haan sandals, and the Anthro Gramercy Shades.

Angus's onesie matched mine!  :)  (Love this momma/me pic!)

From the front.  That blouse is probably a bit too blousy, I may need to sell it (it is a medium, back from when I weighed more).

I love these patchwork madras bermuda shorts from J. Crew.  I bought them years ago and wear them every summer without fail.  They feel good, ya know?  These are another pair that wear well and look almost better worn-in than fresh out of the wash.

I love the garment dyed linen cable knit sweater, mainly because the pink is just SO VERY PINK.  CW saw me in it and exclaimed, "Oh, momma, that is my most favorite shirt that you have EVER worn."  She is easy to please.

The neckace and clutch (Brompton clutch in safari cat) are from J. Crew, as well.  The Naturalizer shoes are from DSW.  I wasn't sure if nude colored loafers were a good idea, but they actually work okay with this outfit.

Close up of the cables and color of the sweater and the flowers on the necklace.

This outfit made me feel cool.  I just wish I could have used another pair of shorts with the outfit, but I am still pulling them out of pregnancy storage (the four seconds of time I have in my day when I am not feeding a child or two or three, or putting out child "brush-fires," or running errands, or blogging, I try to get some storage related things done, but that usually gets chopped).

These shorts are mimi Maternity and fit, but are pretty saggy through the crotch because of the whole "I am not pregnant anymore" thing.  Blegh.

I think I will try using my loft black shorts the next time I wear this particular ensemble.

The top is Boden Limited Edition, the sunglasses are A.R. Trapp for J. Crew, the clutch/bag is Hobo International (TJ Maxx, you and your awesome deals), and the sandals are Target.

I am glad I was able to pull out this top and wear it again so soon.  I was a bit worried that it wouldn't fit (it is a US 6 and ran a bit small), but thankfully it did and was fairly comfortable, to boot.

This one is FROM TODAY, you all!  :)

I put the info on the pieces in the photo, but I want to make a couple of review/remarks about the top and shorts.

The top is the Girls Flutter Tee in Dizzy Anchors, size 14.  I can only ever wear crewcuts tops and this one just fit.  By the end of the day it fit better, but I wasn't sure if it was going to stretch much.  I liked the look, though, so I held onto the faith that it would stretch out a bit.  The cap/flutter sleeves are nice for balancing out my pear shape, but if you hate cap sleeves and/or have broad shoulders, I would stay away.

The shorts are Madewell's Bungalow Stripe Panorama Shorts, and I found them to be supremely comfortable.  Unfortunately the front of them wrinkled a bit by the end of the day, leading to the weird front is shorter than the back thing that linen does, but because these are 100% cotton, it did so in a less obnoxious way. 

I also took these in a size 10, and while the waist is a bit big (the belt was only decorative), the hips/thighs fit, which in the end is what matters.

Dizzy Anchors and a Panorama.

Above is the polyvore of this outfit.  I also felt a bit hipster wearing this ensemble, but mainly because of the higher rise on the shorts and the more closed off neckline.

I was about to have Angus when this photo was taken (may have been two weeks before his birth).  It was yet another insanely hot day in Northern Virginia (weirdest winter ever), so I pulled out my ancient ringspun fish tee from J. Crew, a pair of Motherhood maternity shorts, and my Cole Haan loafers and called it an outfit.  :)

CW and Rex really wanted to pose in this photo, and CW even included her "Serta" sheep that she had been given the night before by a really nice SA at the local Sleepy's (the store we ultimately bought our king sized mattress--ah, best home purchase made in all our years of marriage!).

Okay, I guess that's it!  I will be commenting back on the sweet comments you all have been making here lately in the next day or two!  They are all being read, I promise!  :)