Friday, June 15, 2012

J. Crew: A "Fabiola" Mother's Day.

Oh, I feel so very timely publishing my Mother's Day outfit two days before Father's Day.  Yes, that's me, Miss Punctuality.  :P

Anyhow, I had a really nice Mother's Day, from the beginning to the end.

A few things helped bring me to this happy place.

1. We went to church on Saturday afternoon.  My kids were awful (shocker--lol, not) and of course, because I am high strung (shocker--lol, not) I was in a foul mood after church.  But Saturday wasn't Mother's Day, Sunday was, so I was able to sleep off my anxiety that my kids will always be just that terrible in public places (I am so dire in my predictions that I can see them at 46 dropping the kneelers and cackling LOUDLY about it).

2. Mr. Dina went to the grocery store first thing and got a few items for me.  Most mommas want brunch...I told him, "nah, just get me some dry champagne, a bottle of orange/mango juice, and a grande breve latte and banana bread from Starbucks instead."  Which he did.  Yum.

3. After that Mr. Dina took the two oldest to DC to allow Angus and me an opportunity to bond.  Angus gave me the most precious gift, though, that of him sleeping for four hours so I could drink my mimosas in peace (pic of mimosa at the bottom).  Okay, I stopped after two mimosas, I still needed to you know, walk straight and all, but ahh...bliss! 

4. That evening we all went out (including with my stepmom and my dad) to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Meaza, for a delicious feast.  Mmm, love the food at Meaza.

So that was my recipe for a wonderful Mother's Day.  (Probably my recipe for any awesome day, really, anywhere, any time.  Even if I was traveling I would still view a day like this as pretty darn close to perfect.)  :)

If you open up the pic, you will see the info on the pieces.  :)

I did a review of the Fabiola dress in abstract leopard here, though, if you like it and want to know more on sizing (still is available though sizes are limited).

The rest of the pieces are old, old, old, though, and probably are best acquired through ebay if you like them.

I love that the Fabiola dress has pockets.  I actually use my dress pockets, but only for my hands.  Do any of you all use your pockets for actually holding things?

Hand on hip.  I felt nice in this get-up, and pretty comfortable.  I have to give J. Crew a big thumbs up for this dress design, it is at once sleek and fitted, but the tulip shaped skirt allows for the hips and thighs to have a bit of breathing room (and no spanx needed, holla!).

To top off the perfection of the day, my own personal holy grail was achieved.  My children actually posed for a picture and looked sweet, smiley, and adorable.  (Angus slept again, for the fifth time that day.)  :)

CW and Rex are even in their favorite mini Boden pieces, CW in a frock from last year and Rex in the Rough Appliqué T-shirt from this year.

I wish I could start every day with a mimosa made from extra dry Korbel and orange/mango juice.  I give major props to Mr. Dina, btw.  He doesn't drink alcohol at all (!!!) and yet managed to get the perfect champagne for me, it was exactly the right dry taste with lots of flavor, too.  (I was at the grocery store two days later and the guys who stock the shelves in wine and beer noticed that I was choosing that champagne and complimented me on my choice--I told them my hubby had gotten it for me for Mother's Day and they were all, "that's a good man.")

A "Fabiola" Mother's Day.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.

If you had to define your perfect day, what would your recipe be?  Would you involve champagne, too?  ;)

Have a wonderful Friday!!!