Friday, June 22, 2012

Boden Autumn 2012 Preview Picks: Part Two. Photo Explosion! Ka-Boom!

Ooh, I guess I should get these up.

First, you all need a Friday afternoon break, come on, I know you do...


second, with the 20% off all preview items (plus free ship and returns) set to expire on Monday night (6/25/12), I best get up my second set of choices for the preview.  Part one is here, if you missed it the first time around.

I entitled this post "Photo Explosion! Ka-Boom!" because I have. so. many. picks from the fall preview I am sure that blogger will take away my free account and make me pay for all the photos I have uploaded.  :)

Okay, enough jibber-jabber from me.  Onto the pretty!

Glamour Tweed Dress.  Oh, dying slowly here.  Love this dress so much.  However, it is really expensive, even with the 20% off, so I need to leave it for purchase in the fall after I have saved up for it.  I also need to read reviews because sometimes Boden's dresses are too tight in the hips for me and too large in the bust.  If that is the case with this one, it won't be worth it because I don't have the sewing skills to take it in myself and I cannot justify paying a tailor to do it for me.

Glamour Tweed Dress.  Dying slowly times two.  So very pretty and mod.  Gah!

Glamour Tweed Skirt.  This is what I will be getting in the pre-sale, as I am confident that it will fit me and suit me, and because it is just the skirt, is much less expensive than buying the dress.  (And it has pockets.  Pockets!)

Marylebone Coat.  I am drawn to this coat, not for me (I have enough coats!), but for others.  This appears like it would be universally flattering with its nipped in waist and perfectly placed buttons.

Printed A-Line Skirt.  Dots are a girl's best friend, it seems, with many designers using this pattern in multiple items over the past few years.  I am digging this grey skirt with cream dots, very versatile, yet still fun.

Retro Top.  I like the idea of this top.  Similar to the Audrey Dress, but easier to wear, especially if you have vastly different measurements between your top half and your bottom half.  I am on the fence about this one, though, definitely would want to read reviews and see how others are styling it!

Nancy Dress.  Don't like the catalog shot, but I adore this print and silhouette.  The price makes me think this is another one from the Limited Edition line.  :)

Notch Neck Shift.  Boden keeps sucking me in with this style dress.  Between the adorable print, the belt, AND the short sleeves (the summer version has no sleeves), I am a goner.

Notch Neck Shift. Yeah, I am gonna pre-order this pretty.  It is exactly the right dress for my lifestyle, comfy, interesting, and conservative enough for all the events I go to at church/son's school.

Lace Top.  These tops sell out fast over at Boden every season.  I guess us women like a practical yet unique style of white or cream top to go with our pencil skirts and jeans.  At $80 (give or take) with the discount, it is a fairly expensive version to have in your wardrobe but it should have lasting power in your closet.  (And I guess that is my way of justifying it at that price.  Huhmph.) 

Leather Loafers.  These are probably only on my list, so I totally get it if this is not one of your picks, lol.  My Cole Haan loafers are nearing the end of their usable life span and since I wear them a lot, I need a good looking, neutral, well-made loafer to fill in those (literal) shoes when they go to the great big shoe heaven in the sky.  I think these are them.  I wish I could use this pre-sale money towards something else, like a pretty dress or top, but I am a mom and I do wear my shoes into the ground, so I will be fantastically practical with this purchase.  ;)

Patent Pointed Flats.  Yes, these look exactly like the ones J. Crew has made over the years.  However, these are all leather and less expensive.  Sadly, they don't come in any fab bright colors (J. Crew really does well there), but the dark pink option (open the link to see it) is pretty beautiful.  These neutral mid-brown ones above will likely go the distance and work with a multitude of outfits.

Lucy Shirt.  Yet another shirt that is likely to sell out.  I kind of adore this outfit...and again, I want this girl's hair, makeup, and body, please.  ;)

Lucy Shirt.  I like the dusty rose color...very soothing shade. 

Placket Cord Dress.  If this one makes it to clearance in December, I will get it.  I definitely think the print is whimsical, but as you all know by now, I have plenty of whimsy in my closet.  I don't need to buy whimsy at full (or near full) price ever again.  ;)

Polly Jumper.  I recall Milly making a similar style sweater a few years back, but because it was Milly, it was insanely expensive.  This one is much more reasonably priced, so you can get your trompe l'oeil on without breaking the bank.  I do want to note that the model is showing her belly in the photo, so I think you may want to check the measurements if you are long torsoed.

Riviera Shirt Dress.  Like the notch neck shift above, Boden is sucking me right in (again) with this gorgeous frock.  LOVE! 

I want to recreate this whole image myself.  (Even down to her really red lips.  We'll see!)

Riviera Shirt Dress.  This would be the one I would get, I like the way the large blue and white graphic version I own looks, so this could be a fall version for me to enjoy!

Riviera Shirt Dress.  If you are a fan of the heart throb look that J. Crew had this last winter, but missed out on it, or it didn't work for you for some reason, you may want to try this is very similar to my eye, at least.

Sixties Heels.  Okay, I saved the best for last, the one most likely to kill all of you with the pretty. 

It also comes in black and a mid-brown color. 

I will likely get black (I have a pair of Target red heels that are fine for the few occasions I wear red heels), but I have a feeling it is the flame version will be the one that is gone fastest.

Boden Catalog cover circa 1994.  Yeeps.  She has some shoulders, doesn't she?  (Thanks to Boden's FB page for this image!)
And in ending...Boden certainly has come a long LONG way.  ;)

So, that's it.  Any other last minute picks from any of you all???