Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OOTD: Kids Rule Our World.

I overdid it last weekend, you all.  ;)

Saturday and Sunday were overtaxing, in a good way, of course, but still overtaxing.

Rex finished out his tee ball season first thing Saturday morning, but because this is our world of three kids, it wasn't like we could just go home and be done with the day.  See Rex is now at that age where incentives (aka bribery) works really well to get him to try his hardest (aka what it seems every other kid his age does with no problem).  So this last Saturday we let him know that if he tried his hardest to play a great game (listen to the coach, watch the ball in play, run fast to the bases, etc.) we would take him to McDonald's for lunch.  McDonald's works every time.  Every time.  I think it may have worked on me when I was that age, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  McD's is crack for kids, more addictive, though, based on how many times a day my kids ask me when the next time they get to go to McDonald's's count, 42.  (No.  Not really.  Only 6.)

After that, CW had a "fairy princess" birthday party to go to, and I was the one to take her, because as much as Mr. Dina likes prancing around with elves and other fantastical Hobbit-like creatures (and you all think I am kidding--the man has TWO action figure ROOMS!), he decided that these fairies at this party weren't manly enough for him, so I got tasked with the pixie dust duty.

Only then could I go home.  Angus joined me for the day, but then he always is with me, kind of like my driver's license, which I put to good use driving all over hell's half acre (also known as the NOVA suburbs).

I can only imagine how much more our kids will rule our world when Angus is old enough to have his own "firetruck and policeman" birthday parties of his own to go to.

Sunday was its own hootenanny, but I'll bore you all with that tale sometime later.  ;)

Open up the photo for more info on the pieces, but I will let you know that the Summer Shirt Dress is around again this year (I am wearing last year's version).  I suspect that some of the shades and sizes will make it to clearance (which should be happening soon). If you like it and would like to get it for a good price, I will definitely be announcing the start of the clearance sale, so definitely wait until then.

The shoes are the glitterati flats and because I am a sucker for CW and her adorable magpie ways, when the crewcuts version went on sale (with an extra 30% off), I got them for her, too.  And, yep, she wore them that day.  (Can you think of anything better for a fairy princess party?)

I like to smile.  So I took another photo.

Mr. Dina took this one of Angus and me.  I love him in these colors, just like Rex, he really does well in the lime green and aqua blue colors.

This is what Mr. Dina and I do at the tee ball games when we are bored.  We find ways of amusing Angus which amuses us. 

Rex got the game ball, so yep, the "incentive" worked. 

Fairy Princess CW.

You all have a great day.  :) 

Anyone else out there have any tales of excessive days out with your own rugrats?

P.S. I am going to publish the Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow.  We have Rex's tee ball end of the season party tonight so I don't have enough time to get it all done.  If you have a review, though, and you would like to let me know, you can e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or comment below.