Monday, June 18, 2012

ROYGBIV: Not Really (Feeling) the Blues.

Hey, all!  On the heels of the very blue Maritime dress I wore in the last post, I am publishing another installment of my ROYGBIV series, today focused on B or Blue.

(By the way, the next post--I or Indigo--is the one I have struggled most indigo a navy blue or is it a purple/blue?  If you know the answer, definitively, would you comment with the answer?  I don't want to publish a whole slew of navy outfits and then discover that the post should have included only purplish outfits.  Hmm.)

Wore this outfit about a month ago.  I normally don't bother with accessories or nicer shoes if I am just chilling at the house with the kids, but that day I just wanted to put on some extra something something.

If you open up the photo, it has the info on the pieces.

The hair was my attempt at a side bun.  I like the side bun but it is a bit fussy to keep up, about an hour after I took this photo, the bun was completely unraveled.

BTW, my hair looks really red here.  I notice it looks redder when I have a white background, so I suspect the white background throws off my camera's color.

I do technically have some variation of dark strawberry blonde hair (if I never went in the sun it would always be this color), but it doesn't ever look this red in real life.  Only photos.  ;)

Added the Brompton clutch to see if it worked with the outfit.  I like it, but would probably not use it in real life (remember I was just at home, no need for a bag).  I would probably bring out a yellow bag to play off the yellow in the scarf.

I wore this dress to go out to sushi for Mother's Day with my brother.  He always takes me out for Mother's Day, which I think is completely unnecessary, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

This is the Starlet Knit Dress from Garnet Hill, and like I expected, it is made incredibly well and is very flattering.  It is a jersey knit fabric and definitely felt comfortable and cool.  I took it in a small.

The dress even has pockets, which I liked.  Most jersey dresses don't come with pockets, so this is a nice bonus.

The first photo cut off my legs, so I had my hubby retake the photo later than night.  As you can see the dress is not wrinkled and may even look better three hours later.

The Greta Suede wedges I am wearing are one of my best purchases of 2011.  I think I got them for $40 on super sale in September and I have found that I am wearing them a lot this summer.  If you can find a pair on ebay, definitely think about picking up a pair if you have a need for a pair of dressy casual heels.

Mr. Roy G. Biv...Not Feeling the Blues.

Above is the polyvore.

Okay this one is from a long while ago, April 10 to be exact.  This means I was 16 days postpartum.  Those are maternity cords, btw.

I like mixing this shade of blue and bright red, as evidenced by how many times I do it (with the Riviera shirt dress and the Maritime dress, for instance).

Bits of this outfit are...J. Crew Factory (Sweatshirt), Tzuri Gueta (necklace), Duo Maternity (cords), Shoes (J. Crew), and earrings (J. Crew).

Anyhow, I may have gone out to dinner in this outfit, but nothing more than Five Guys or McDonalds.

Still any reason I have to wear my Tzuri Gueta necklace, I will wear it.  ;)

I love my fedora!

This was worn around and about one day with the fam.  The blue is technically in the top's print, but it is hard to tell, so open up the photo for proof.

This outfit was also postpartum, but I was a bit more out of the woods (so to speak) at 5 weeks past the birth...

Fedora and top (may have cost all of 8 dollars): J. Crew Factory.
Pants: Talbot's.
Sandals: Loft.

Can't resist adding in this photo of Angus from last Monday.  Here is my little man, perched on his blue boppy throne in his blue seersucker overalls.  This one is making the rounds amongst my facebook friends and family.  One of them even suggested that Angus looks like a king awaiting his supplicants.  LOL.  ;)

Okay, that's all for tonight.  Hope everyone has a happy rest of your Monday.