Friday, February 13, 2015

Boden: 20% Off Outerwear and Knitwear. Till Monday!

Instead of just doing a normal "sale" announcement post, I am going to write up some brief reviews of some of the pieces that fall in this sale category that I have received from my preorders but haven't yet found the time to get around to blogging about. 

It is also so frigid and cold here this weekend that I have an excuse to wear multiple layers of clothing, so I will for sure wear the sweaters and the coats from the selection on sale and get those photos posted tomorrow and Sunday (I have my in-laws in town so they can help with childcare while I get the posts written--yay!!!).

Okay, so the deal is, as per usual, you can receive 20% off any piece of outerwear or knitwear that is part of the regular season items.  This 20% off does not apply to anything in clearance.  Sadly you are unable to stack promo codes, so the 15% off coupon (in my sidebar under the sale coupon) won't work on top of the 20% off.

This sale ends Monday night according to the site, so you have a few days to ponder your choices, and I have three days to enjoy wearing my new knitwear and hopefully keeping nice and toasty whilst doing so...

Reviews (or links to former reviews):

Rainy Day Mac
Rainy Day Mac. (The photo link may be bad, the affiliate has not updated this product since last fall, use this link to get to the current offerings.)  I have worn this a lot since purchasing last fall's version.  Apparently the sizing stays the same, so my review of last year's should hold true for this year's version.  Review here.

Eliza Coat
Eliza Coat.  The coat I own is from last fall, but they carried over the coat to this season, so it never even made it into clearance.  Every. time. I. wear. it. I receive compliments.  I wish it was made from thicker fabrics just for right now since it did absolutely nothing for me last night when I wore it out when the wind chill was 5 F.  BRRRR.  But I knew better, lol.  Review here.

Ingrid Coat
Ingrid Coat.  This coat looks exactly the same as the one I own from Fall 2014, so I am going to guess they just changed the colors.  Review here. 

French Knot Sweater
French Knot Sweater.  I bought this in a size 6.  I chose to get the ivory shade.  It is a beautiful sweater that is properly represented, color-wise, on the computer screen.  It is made from a lightweight cotton/merino wool blend, but is a bit sheer because of that.  I will absolutely have to wear nude underthings (either a cami or bra) when wearing it.  The model in the back shot is apparently wearing a blue tee under it, but it doesn't show through.  I suspect a bit of *le photoshopping*.  ;-)  I don't know if the navy is as sheer, but I imagine probably not.  It fits a bit tighter than my other sweaters from Boden, so I would say size up if you have broader shoulders or a bigger bustline.

Rainbow Knit Sweater
Rainbow Knit Sweater.  I also purchased this in a size 6.  I bought the color the model is wearing at the top of this post.  I love this sweater.  It is very comfortable, with just a bit of ease, but not so much I am swimming it.  Its colors are so lovely together, I really do feel a bit like an understated rainbow in it.  The open knit (it's a cotton) is perfect on its own in the spring and possibly summer (not 'round here, though, too hot and humid), but can be worn with a shirt under in the winter for an extra layer.  The open knit is opaque enough that you can do that without looking foolish. I am so enamored that I am tempted by the other colors, but I need to exhibit restraint.

Tilly  Sweater
Tilly Sweater.  I chose to purchase the freshwater color in a size 6 to replace this sweater of mine that I love but is not my favorite silhouette on me.  Unfortunately it is not an exact color replacement, but it is close enough that I am satisfied (yes, I am selling the J. Crew one).  The Tilly reads as almost a light mint, but with a bit more blue in it.  It fits well in the 6, a bit big through the torso, but I like its length, which may be too short for some of you who have a longer torso.  It also features a dropper shoulder line, so definitely keep that in mind if you are not a fan.  The collar is really nice, and if the retro thing is up your alley, this will make your decision easier.  The wool is less thick than the photo would have you believe, and I think it wears better this way. 

Milano Dress
Milano Dress.  I did a review of this one in the fall.  This is a great dress, I can see why the carried it over to the spring.  :-)  Review here.

Do you all have any favorites from the sale?  Let us know!!!

Too bad we can't buy the Wendy coat.  RIP, Wendy coat.  (Well, I think RIP...maybe she is just in witness protection.)

The sale ends Monday night.
20% Off All Knitwear, Coats, Jackets and Skiwear, Plus Free Shipping When You Spend Over $49